Are Americans Just Now Realizing President Obama is Black?

There was a comment left by a liberal on Intrade, the prediction-market website. He was responding to Wayne Allyn Root’s prediction that Obama will lose the upcoming election. The liberal agreed with Root, but added his own convoluted liberal reasons:

“[N]ot for the reasons he gives. Tea Party retards are common in places where Obama would lose regardless. Those retards are much less common in areas of the country where people can read and write. So yes, Obama will lose to Romney, but not because of the Tea Party illiterates. Obama will lose for the simple reason he is black and Americans are racists — all else is of secondary importance.”

First of all, can a person be any more of a snob? We all know liberals believe themselves to be the enlightened elite, the apotheosis of human evolution, but this is a particularly nauseating example, isn’t it?

Now, with regard to his theories on race: He believes Obama will lose this election because he is black and America is racist, even though Obama won in 2008 in large part because he was black. If what this liberal said is true, then that means that America has only now, after three and a half years of Obama in office, realized Obama is black.

Liberals all throughout America truly do believe this; that we’ve only now come to see that he’s black and that’s why we don’t like Obama. It’s not that he has quadrupled Bush’s deficit; it’s not that he has accumulated more debt than the first 41 presidents combined; it’s that he’s black. That’s their logic and they’re sticking to it.

When you run for your first term on a promise of fixing the economy, and then you run for your second term on that very same promise, you know your first term was a failure. Obama said that he’d be able to do it within three years. For the first two of those years he could do anything he wanted. Both houses of Congress were Democrat majorities. Obama did everything he wanted to do. It failed. He’s admitting it failed just by virtue of the fact that he’s still promising he can, in his second term, fix the economy.

Perhaps this is why Obama will lose the election, and not because he’s black. But that’s just my crazy, “retarded,” mis-edumacated theory.