Are CPAC Conservatives Stupid Enough to Follow Jeb Bush?

It seems everyone wants Jeb Bush to prove himself by speaking to CPAC Conservatives.

jeb bush

The Washington Post makes it seem so reasonable:

The last time Jeb Bush spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he delivered blunt talk — an unwelcome lecture, in the view of many — about the problems with the Republican Party.

“All too often we’re associated with being ‘anti’ everything,” Bush said in 2013. “Way too many people believe Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker, and the list goes on.”

Bush will return to the conservative gathering Friday as one of his party’s leading possible presidential candidates — but one who still needs to find the right way to connect with the conservative activists who have not joined establishment donors in an early rush to back him.

At CPAC, conservatives will be looking for Bush to ease their concerns about his stances on education, immigration and taxes. They will want to be reassured that he wouldn’t be like his father or brother, whose presidencies disappointed them. And they are eager to see whether he would be comfortable as a champion of their cause.

If CPAC conservatives are that stupid, there is no hope for the country. Of course Bush is a nightmare on education, immigration, and taxes! Nothing he says now, in order to get the nomination, will mean anything.

Jeb Bush has gone out of his way to push the Republican Party in a Liberal direction. His true position on homosexual marriage is almost certainly identical to that of Barack Obama back when he lied about it.

It is completely insane for anyone to think that anything Jeb Bush says that seems favorable to Conservatives has any connection to reality. Bush has wanted a more Liberal Republican Party so he wouldn’t have to start masquerading on the campaign trail. Now that he is running, and he perceives that the Party still can’t win without its conservative base, he is starting to wear the mask. But it is completely phony!

And he is not even popular!

Walker is beloved among conservatives for his aggressive approach in blue Wisconsin. Many have rallied around him in recent weeks as he has refused to answer questions from the media about evolution and whether President Obama is a Christian.

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday showed Walker leading among Republicans in Iowa, with Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), Maryland neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee all placing ahead of Bush.

Do you think Mike Huckabee or Ben Carson have a real chance of becoming president? Bush is below them.

Yet Jeb Bush is acting as if the Presidency is his royal birthright. Here’s a claim from the New York Times:

Mr. Bush has vowed to run a “joyful” presidential campaign free from the seamier sides of party politics, projecting the air of a cerebral man almost effortlessly drawing together Republicans eager to help him seek the White House. But behind the scenes, he and his aides have pursued the nation’s top campaign donors, political operatives and policy experts with a relentlessness and, in the eyes of rivals, ruthlessness that can seem discordant with his upbeat tone.

Their message, according to dozens of interviews, is blunt: They want the top talent now, they have no interest in sharing, and they will remember those who signed on early — and, implicitly, those who did not. The aim is not just to position Mr. Bush as a formidable front-runner for the Republican nomination, but also to rapidly lock up the highest-caliber figures in the Republican Party and elbow out rivals by making it all but impossible for them to assemble a high-octane campaign team.

In other words, Bush believes he can burn through money fast enough to suck up all the oxygen in the rooms so that none of the others can run a campaign.

In my opinion, this is a completely doomed campaign for the nomination. If he does somehow manage to buy it, then he will be giving the presidency to Hillary.

It would not surprise me at all if that is his intention.