Are We about to Enter Interesting Times?

I was thinking we could make it to 2017-2020 before experiencing Interesting Times. But now I wonder…

  • The endgame for Greece in the Euro has arrived. Russia and perhaps even China are rumored to be ready to swoop in, providing support in return for Russian military bases.
  • The Federal Reserve is insolvent—leveraged more than double what Lehman Brothers was a few years ago when its collapse nearly acted as a Black Hole to the entire world economic system.
  • An American amphibious assault force—fully stocked with Marines—is approaching Yemen.
  • Military analysts believe a U.S. vs. Russia military clash in Ukraine is a grave and growing threat.
  • Two high-ranking military commanders, American James E. Cartwright, a former Marine Corps general, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and commander of the United States Strategic Command, and Russian Vladimir Dvorkin, a retired major general who headed the research institute of Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces have written an Op-Ed in the New York Times this week about imminent danger of a nuclear exchange between the two powers.

Can you imagine the impact to the United States of simultaneous military setbacks in Europe and the Middle East at the same time our economic system is thrown into meltdown? How do you think our cities would fare if banking systems fail, directly following an extended season when police objectivity has been tarnished all the way to the White House?

This is not a movie script. Every one of the bullet points above is happening now. If Greece defaults, the dominoes begin to fall. Greece is defaulting… Greeks are about to see what money they have in their banks vaporize, and the fools on Wall Street who placed bets a default would never happen are on the verge of losing that bet—good thing Congress gave them a pre-bailout in the CROmnibus last year that puts the losses on taxpayers, eh?

Am I Chicken Little or Cassandra? You’d better pray hard it’s the former. My event-horizon for “interesting times” was 2017-2020—it’s possible we’ll hold out till then, but for once in my life it’s also possible I was too conservative.