Are We Hearing the Death Rattle of Liberalism?

It seems that liberalism is gaining the upper hand. In fact, it seems that liberalism has the upper hand. Not so fast. Empire-building is a tenuous and risky business. Every empire that has tried to expand its territory eventually collapsed because the center could not hold.

Adolf Hitler’s dream of a thousand-year Reich turned to dust in less than 20 years. The supposed inevitability of world Communism did not come about. The image of docked rusty submarines was a fitting image of the inherent hollowness of a planned economy. The Soviet Union would have collapsed sooner if the West had not propped it up with aid. Eastern Europe is no longer in the Soviet Orbit. Who would have thought such a thing was possible? The Berlin Wall came tumbling down.

Peggy Noonan is seeing what she describes as “Obama Fatigue.” The curtain is slowly being pulled away and the people are beginning to realize that there is no Great Wizard of Obama. There’s just some guy who’s been getting away with all types of bad policies and poor decision making because the mainstream media saw him as “the farthest thing from George Bush.”

He was their political god. The media elites said so. He was the Second Coming of Abraham Lincoln and FDR. He, too, will fade away.

The Fort Hood massacre was covered up by the Administration and the media. There were warning signs, but the pro-Islamic government of Obama chose to ignore them and attributed the murders to “workplace violence.” The American people know better.

I’m convinced that many liberals hold the view that what Nidal Malik Hasan did was deserved. We’re hearing similar sentiment by members of the liberal elite on Boston. The two bombers are “victims” of American Exceptionalism. These are not views that result in empire-building. They are signs of a collapsing edifice.

The Boston Marathon massacre was not stopped. It should have been. If the bombings had occurred on GWB’s watch, we know how the media would have reacted. We saw what they did to him after 9/11.

As more information comes out about the bombings, the dangerous ineptitude of this administration is being exposed. People are getting restless. They’re beginning to wake up as if from a drug induced coma. They might not be saying it out loud (yet), but they’re asking themselves, “What are we paying these guys for?”

The oldest brother was questioned by the FBI. Even Russian security agencies warned us.

The liberal center cannot hold. The media gatekeepers are deserting their posts. The news cannot be controlled. The abortion-‘doctor’ story out of Philadelphia shows that the media can no longer suppress news that prove embarrassing to the liberal media and their political gods.

Cultural indicators show that America’s moral base is crumbling. These pockets of degeneracy will self-destruct over time. A preoccupation with entertainment, fashion, sex, drugs, and moral indifference cannot last. While their disintegration takes place, other segments of society are growing families, taking control of their children’s education, reducing debt, and advocating a moral lifestyle as a way to long-term cultural and economic success. A so-called prestigious degree isn’t worth what people are paying for it.

Entrepreneurship is the new Harvard. As a business owner, I never ask a prospective employee where he or she went to college.

So while the current worldview becomes more consistent with its bankrupt operating assumptions, we need to counter the disintegration with a counter culture full of optimism, opportunity, self-government, self-reliance, and family and community solidarity.

It’s going to be painful for a time, but we’re outbreeding, outthinking, and outworking them. They’re living off borrowed capital. Hang in there. It’s always darkest before the dawn.