The Argument that Congress should impeach Barack Obama

Should Congress impeach Barack Obama? This author lays out both the tactical considerations in advance of the Fall elections, and the bare necessity, in light of the perpetual damage inescapably inflicted upon the nation if he is not. Yes, we all know Harry Reid and his cohorts in the Senate are so thoroughly corrupt they would never vote to convict, and to remove from office, but that is not a reason to refrain from impeachment by the House. As this writer correctly notes:

After this election, considerations for the next election — the presidential election of 2016 — will begin. The same tactical concerns will be raised. The same cowardice and self-interest is likely to prevail.

There is a deeper strategic consideration that should concern citizens and politicians. This issue should transcend parochial political interest and political advantage consideration. Not addressing impeachment threatens what is left of the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Not addressing impeachment ensures greater tyranny in the future.

The current president makes Richard Nixon look like a paragon of truth, integrity and honor in comparison. If Obama doesn’t qualify for impeachment, then nobody ever again will.

He goes on:

It is difficult to imagine worse violations of the Constitution, separation of powers and general dishonor of the office than this president has committed. Yet we assuredly will see worse by successors. Impeachment is necessary in order to preserve what little structure the Founders provided. A line in the sand must be drawn that says to successors where they dare not go. Without impeachment Obama’s acts serve as precedents. Future presidents will have immunity to repeat them and add their own variations and enhancements that further stretch the boundaries. The absence of action has the unintended effect of further defining presidential deviancy downward.

Forget pragmatics, this is why Obama must be impeached. If he is not, then we are merely setting the stage for an American Stalin or Hitler, and he (or she) could be wearing either of the major Party labels. To dismiss that reality is to continue burying one’s head in the sand, and to demonstrate complete ignorance of history, and human nature.