Armed Bystander Saves Group from Wild Gunman

An armed bystander fired back at a shooter, neutralizing him as a threat.

The next best thing to having a firearm on your person when you need it is being near an armed bystander who is skillful and courageous enough to save your life. Famously, Chicago has been extremely resistant to allowing residents to exercise their right to bear arms, despite the Second Amendment.

Only a year ago, it would have been illegal to be an armed bystander with the ability to intervene during a criminal attack. Fortunately, the courts have upheld the Second Amendment.

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According to The Daily Caller, “Concealed Carrying Chicago Uber Driver Defends Group Of Pedestrians Against Wild Gunman.”

An Uber driver in Chicago with a concealed carry license defended himself and a group of pedestrians against a man who opened fire on a crowded street Friday night, a state attorney said in court on Sunday.

Assistant State Attorney Barry Quinn said that 22-year-old Everardo Custodio began shooting at a group of pedestrians shortly before midnight Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The group was passing in front of a vehicle occupied by an unnamed 47-year-old Uber driver.

The driver, who has a state-issued firearm owner’s identification card, pulled out his handgun and fired six times, hitting Custodio in the shin, knee and lower back, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Police responded quickly and found Custodio lying in the middle of the street. The Uber driver stayed on the scene and provided a statement to police.

The driver does not face charges as, according to Quinn, he “was acting in self-defense and in the defense of others.”

It is great to hear common sense from the Assistant State Attorney. But only a year ago, if Quinn was in office then, it was his job to prosecute any armed bystander who defended others against a gunman.

Notice that the driver had dealt with the situation before the police ever arrived at the scene. If no one but the police had been available to help, someone (or more) might have been killed.

Chicago has had gunmen and gun crime for years. What is new is that it now has law-abiding armed bystanders. That difference may have saved lives.