Arrested Tea Party “Terrorist” Vindicated in Court

A woman arrested and abused for being Tea Party wins her lawsuit!

cop is angry

Sometimes a bad story about our government and so-called “law enforcement” ends well! It ends even better when the mainstream media (in this case, the Associated Press) carries the story.

It all began back in July 2009 in Westhampton Beach on eastern Long Island.  Nancy Genovese went to Gabreski Airport Air National Guard base. Outside the base was a helicopter on display. She wanted to take pictures of it for a “Support the Troops” website.

Now, about five years later, she has won 1.2 million dollars because of how she was treated by Suffolk County sheriff’s deputies. In addition to those compensatory damages, the jury is considering punitive damages.

Genovese, 58, of East Quogue, was jailed for four days before posting $50,000 bail. The charge, on a misdemeanor count of criminal trespass, was dismissed in November 2009.

During her time in the Suffolk County jail, Brewington claimed Genovese was subjected to humiliation and was strip searched.

Genovese said in a statement provided by Brewington that she was relieved “that the jury heard the truth and that I now have had the chance to clear my name. If this can happen to me, and officers can abuse their power like this, I can only imagine how other people who are not as fortunate as me have been treated.”

According to Genovese’s attorney, Frederick Brewington, their abuse was ideologically motivated.

A deputy sheriff allegedly said he would arrest her for terrorism to make an example of other “right wingers,” according to Brewington.

“Ms. Genovese was subjected to a level of abuse because they did not share the same political views as she did and saw this as an excuse to deny her even the most basic civil rights,” said Brewington.

Interestingly, the Associate Press story leaves out how the tax-fed “finest” of Suffolk County called her a “teabagger” (a term referring to a sexual practice). points to a New York Post story that reveals this detail. We really are guarded by some of the finest specimens of humanity aren’t we?

Truthfully, we often are guarded by honorable people as our police, but those who talk garbage in this way should be automatically purged from law enforcement so that more polite and professional police are encouraged! This should be the case quite apart from issues of false arrest and abuse of authority.

Even the New York Post story is misleading however, as Breitbart notes. They make it sound like she was searched at the time of arrest and a rifle was found. How does anyone conceal a rifle? And if the rifle was on her person, wouldn’t that have been an excuse to arrest her. But the rifle was in her car and was completely legal. She was not “armed to the teeth.”

Note that the Post story makes clear that the pervert-talking deputy made it his business to ask about her politics and her attendance at political meetings.

She contends a deputy sheriff arrived on the scene later and said to her, “I bet you are one of those Tea Party people.” When Genovese said she’s gone to Tea Party rallies, he allegedly said, “You’re a real right-winger, aren’t you?”

And then he moved on to the degrading sexual reference.

What bothers me about the story’s ending is that there is no mention of this deputy being in any trouble. Taxpayers will end up forced to pay the bill for this lawsuit.

Also, these sorts of law enforcement officers will soon have access to all your internet and social media comments!