As IRS Scandal Grows, So Does Obama’s Irresponsibility

When an IRS official apologized for targeting Tea Party and patriot groups for harassment, at first it was President Bush’s fault because the office manager who was ordering his employees to stall conservatives’ nonprofit applications had been appointed under the Bush regime.

When that didn’t work and it quickly became obvious that the IRS was engaging in a much broader policy of targeting conservatives, religious groups and even journalists who wrote stories not flattering to the president, then it became the Treasury Department’s fault.

As concern grows among the president’s allies, the new cover story is a blanket shoulder-shrugging denial followed by rapid change of the subject.

Former senior Obama adviser David Axelrod said on MSNBC, “Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.”

The revelations about the IRS’s behavior leading up to Obama’s 2012 re-election have shocked even Obama groupies like Andrea Mitchell, who called the IRS scandal (and the DOJ’s AP phone records scandal) “the most outrageous excesses I’ve seen.”

According to Politico — which, Renault-like, is just shocked, shocked to find there is scandal in this establishment — the IRS was asking targeted groups for mailing lists, donor rolls, printouts of Facebook posts, members’ individual reading lists and personal interviews that seemed to be aimed at finding out what members were thinking.

You can add to that lists of speakers at meetings, outlines of their presentations, members’ personal email addresses and even personal income statements, among other invasions and abuses mentioned by Tea Party group leaders. (A Tea Party press conference is scheduled for Thursday morning in Washington.)

The National Journal’s Ron Fournier commented on MSNBC, “If we find out in these hearings that somebody in the White House, especially in the political shop, or somebody in the campaign knew about this political targeting of conservative groups, I think that could be something that could consume the White House.”

The Obama campaign was using documents leaked by the IRS to attack Romney donors, according to several sources. In the same election year that conservatives were being targeted for their political views, Obama’s brother got his shady nonprofit approved within 30 days, which has to be some sort of land-speed record for the IRS.

It’s been an amazing week watching the liberal media finally shake off the cobwebs and start entertaining the notion that President Obama might not be a nice guy and his Administration might be a little crooked.

We’re still a long way from seeing America’s journalists get themselves in the game and start investigating what is one of the most, if not the most, corrupt administrations in history.