As Long As Affirmative Action Remains, Racial Division Will Continue

Now that the racial demagoguery of President Obama’s second inaugural speech is over and we’ve confirmed for a second time that America is overall not an anti-black nation, it would be reasonable to assume that the focus on skin color and all talk thereof will be done away with, never to taint our political discussions anymore.

But then we must be reminded that this is a land in which liberals are holding the reins of both government and media, and all those hopes that we’ll never again have to endure lectures about race come swiftly crashing to Earth, a plummet that foreshadows, no doubt, the state of the approaching economy in these next four years of Obama’s Keynesianism.

Eugene Robinson, for example, wrote yesterday, the day after the inauguration, how wonderful it is that someone’s blackness is no longer something we as a country seem to care about–but devotes the entirety of that same column to expressing how wonderful it is that Obama is black, the irony of which is completely lost on Mr. Robinson.

More irony can be found in Robinson’s column, where he writes, “I was always taught that the first black person to fill any job or role previously reserved for whites should expect to be held to a higher standard. Surely Obama has noticed this, too.”

What higher standard? The high standard of only assessing whether someone is black or not, and then, upon confirmation that he is indeed black, giving him a pass in the media on all his transgressions? The high standard of lowering our expectations of black achievements in school and letting them cut in line in front of prospective students of another race who score higher grades? The high standard of there being laws in place that favor the hiring of blacks over whites? Oh yes, what a difficult standard society holds blacks to. How do they ever succeed?

The unfortunate reality is that there will never be an end to racial division so long as the government recognizes and takes into consideration people’s race. Affirmative action promises that racial division will never end.

Affirmative action is in place to counteract widespread racism in our society, or “institutionalized racism.” But if some retailer or bank is willing to hire a black person without even considering affirmative-action laws, then that employer doesn’t care about a prospective employee’s race and therefore is not racist. If there is racism at other institutions, it certainly had no bearing on the black man’s hiring at this particular business. So affirmative-action laws were not required in this situation.

But say there is racism at another retailer or another bank. Why would we want the government to force the racist manager (say he hates blacks) to hire a black person? Would a black person really want to work for someone who hates him? No; nobody would. So affirmative-action laws would not be required in this situation either.

Affirmative-action laws serve no purpose in a society regardless of whether there is institutionalized racism or not. So, Eugene Robinson, if you really want race to stop mattering, stop supporting a political party one of the tenets of which is racial demagoguery. And for, let’s say, the next ten years, let us put affirmative-action laws on hold, shall we?, and let’s see where the country is racially at the end of those ten years.

Of course that will never happen. Democrats thrive on division.