Asset Forfeiture: Those Who Steal for Their Jobs Learn to Steal for Themselves

An audit of asset forfeiture takings found the money is going for personal gain.

It should surprise no one that people in law enforcement are spending the money they take on themselves. If they can rationalize taking other people’s money to build a luxury police station or create some other job perk, then it is an easy move to start spending the money in other ways that also directly benefit you.

In fact, they can not only steal money for personal use, but they can defend their actions when they are caught as if they are doing nothing wrong. Thus, the Tulsa World gives us the headline, “Oklahoma Watch: Law enforcement seizures misspent, missing.”

Funds and property seized by Oklahoma law enforcement agencies have gone missing or have been used for personal or other improper purposes, state audit records reveal.

Among the violations were using seized money to pay on a prosecutor’s student loans and allowing a prosecutor to live rent-free in a confiscated house for years, records show.

So how did the prosecutor who was using “seized” money (i.e. stolen money) respond to the accusation?

In a 2014 audit of the DA’s office representing Washington and Nowata counties, the State Auditor’s Office found that $5,000 in forfeiture funds had been used to make payments on an assistant district attorney’s student loans.

The report said the district attorney maintained the expense was justified because most of the cases the assistant DA prosecuted were drug cases.

I guess the DA felt “punished” because he had to reimburse the money. He should have gone to prison. He should have been charged with corruption.

This is how a guy responds whose job is to prosecute other people for money laundering and corruption?

This source of cash for our “law enforcers” is not only wrong because it is robbery. It is also bad for us because it encourages corruption in our officials. Honest people don’t take other people’s money. Do you want to have honest people in power or dishonest people?