Atheist Gestapo Bullies Another City into Removing Crosses

It is becoming a familiar refrain: the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has utilized its vast amount of time and resources to force a community—in this case, Steubenville, Ohio—to alter its new logo due to the fact that a cross was prominently displayed as a part of it. The horror! Atheists nationwide can rest easy knowing that little old Steubenville is once again open to all citizens, not only the Christian ones.

The FFRF has been on a tear, sanitizing everything they can find of Christian symbols. In the case of Steubenville, the offending cross was attached to Franciscan University’s Christ the King Chapel, apparently a Steubenville landmark. It is quite shocking indeed to think that a Christian chapel would have the audacity to display a Christian symbol on its roof. Christ the King was obviously mistaken when they designed their building to reflect their beliefs. Didn’t they know that unbelievers would take offense at such a symbol (perhaps Paul was really on to something in 1 Corinthians 1:18)?

The FFRF’s ridiculous statement even went so far as to claim:

“Steubenville is a theocracy and is a Christian city where non-Christians or nonbelievers are not favored citizens. The city may not depict the university chapel and cross because to do so places the city’s imprimatur behind Christianity. The city of Steubenville must not endorse ‘faith’ and church. While we understand that Franciscan University is part of the City, the City may not depict the University chapel and cross because to do so places the City’s imprimatur behind Christianity. This excludes non-Christians and violates the Constitution.”

Really? So now that the “city’s imprimatur” has been removed from the logo, what do we do about the real cross in the real city? It is still there. If the cross being on the logo is a symbol of solidarity with the church, what message does allowing the actual church to display its cross proudly on its roof send to unsuspecting citizens? If the cross on the logo shows approval, then certainly the wooden cross on the church itself shows it as well. How is removing one and not the other any more honest or less of a “theocracy”? The stupidity is limitless.

Just like the gay agenda setters across the nation, atheist activists interpret everything in light of their (non)beliefs. Most rational people would look at the Steubenville logo, cross and all, and see nothing even remotely close to what the FFRF is claiming. Aside from the fact that the FFRF has no clue what a theocracy really is (hint: think Saudi Arabia, not Steubenville, Ohio), just because they are hyper-offended by any appearance of a cross, does not mean that the rest of Americans are.

In fact, the very name of their foundation is a complete misrepresentation of the First Amendment. You will search in vain to find the phrase “freedom from religion” anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. Forcing the rest of the country to abide by your likes and dislikes is not only the height of arrogance; it has all the hallmarks of being a theocratic behavior. In their efforts to remove any sign of Christianity from American public life, the atheists have become twice the religious dictators they accuse the Christians of being. It should be clear that the FFRF is not actually against religion—they are quite happy to impose their secular humanism on the rest of us—they are only against the Christian religion. Shame on Steubenville officials for cowering to such theocratic and faith-based demands from the “anti-religion” fascists over at the FFRF.