Atheist Group to Hand Out Hate Literature at Schools

Atheism is the “non-belief” that is willing to admit to being a religion only when it is politically convenient.

Case in point: The Orange County, Florida, school district apparently invites outside organizations to leave faith-based materials on a table at schools for any students who want them.

A local atheist group called Central Florida Freethought, which is affiliated with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, wants to deposit some of its own reading materials, including a booklet titled “An X-rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible,” to counteract Christian materials from local churches.

If atheism were really a “nonbelief,” then atheists wouldn’t care so much what Christians were up to because they wouldn’t have any religious sensibilities to offend. But since Christianity challenges their own feelings of religious superiority, atheist activists are compelled to wage war, even to the point of taking advantage of a policy about “faith-based” materials.

I don’t think this is a great policy to begin with, but if the school district wants to allow faith-based materials to be distributed in schools, setting up a table for use by all groups seems a reasonably fair way to go about it. Rules prohibit groups’ representatives from having contact with students.

And if the atheist group wanted to simply put out some “rah-rah-atheism” type of materials, it wouldn’t bother me. Promote away.

But as is typical for atheist activists, particularly those connected in any way to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the materials in question don’t just promote their own beliefs, but they have to tear down the beliefs of Christians and Jews.

A booklet titled “An X-rated Book” that purports to be about the Bible is obviously not going to focus on positive aspects of atheism, but it will paint Christians and Jews as stupid, ignorant, misogynistic and backwards.

Why not just put out “Mein Kampf” or “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” for the kiddies while you’re at it?

It’s hate speech, pure and simple, and it has no place in schools.