Atheists Have A Lot To Thank Jesus For

An atheist blogger recently stated something for the sake of his fellow atheists and other nonchristians. He wrote:

If you’re not the sort who’s grateful to Jesus for your eternal salvation, let me suggest a down-to-earth reason to remember Baby Jesus this Christmas season. Thank him for universal literacy. Jesus was Jewish, and that meant he was devoted to the written word in a way that no fatherless laborer in any gentile land would have been. Through the sect that Jesus founded, he passed along the Jews’ love of literacy to Europe and beyond.

In my opinion, a lot more than universal literacy hinges on Jesus in history. The science fiction author Gene Wolfe put it well during an interview at a science fiction convention:

We vastly underestimate the importance of Jesus. We think we don’t. We have all these churches and we say how can we be underestimating Jesus? We don’t until we start trying to figure out what it would be like if he had never lived. When you really start trying to figure out what it would be like if He never lived you realize that He is a much more pivotal figure than we give him credit for. All of these people, everybody at this convention is in that sense a Christian although most of them would tell you that they are not and some of them would tell them quite truthfully that they were Jews who practice Judaism in one of its various forms and so on and so forth. Nevertheless they have been influenced by Christ much more than they realized. We are very lucky to have had Him. We are very fortunate. A friend of mine learned to read Turkish. And he got hold of a Turkish joke book and read it. And I said, “What were the jokes like?” He said it was horrible. They were all about ugly tricks that were being played on blind people and things like that. This is what we have escaped from and we don’t realize that it is there and we came very close to falling into it. We very easily could have and we still may.

Yes we still may.

But if it wasn’t for Jesus, there would not be any need to pretend that abortion doesn’t kill a baby. The only reason people justify abortion as if it wasn’t murder is because it is actually ingrained into their minds that killing a child is wrong. (This is also the only reason fetal pain works as an argument against abortion.) This mindset is completely alien to virtually all of pagan civilization when Jesus was born. The reason unbelievers feel compelled to offer rationalizations for killing babies is because Jesus has gotten inside their heads. We can pray he gets into their hearts as well so they stop fighting him.

As much as I loved the atheist’s post on Jesus and literacy for the truth he spoke, I also loved it for the innocent display of atheistic limitations. One sentence made me laugh: “Jesus founded a Jewish sect that survived after his execution.”

Yes, he sure did.  I wonder how that happened.

Merry Christmas Eve!