Attempt Fails to Force BSA to Change Policies on Homosexual Troop Leaders

Yesterday, I saw many headlines about how Boy Scout Troop 98 was banned because of a homosexual troop leader.

This made me scratch my head.

Everyone knows that the BSA doesn’t allow homosexual troop leaders because they never have done so. Last year, they decided to admit “homosexual teens” but that was all.

So where did this troop come from? Had the troop leader lied about his sexual “orientation”—as they say—and revealed himself later?

It turns out that the Troop is a recent creation and it was started by him as an openly “gay”—even “married”—man.

From NBC News:

The Boy Scouts has grappled with its controversial membership policy barring gays in recent years. In an historic ballot last May, its 1,400-member National Council voted to allow gay youth — but not adults — to join Scouting beginning last Jan. 1.

Troop 98 got its start not long after that contentious ballot. Clergy in McGrath’s Seattle neighborhood wanted to start a youth program because there were few in the area, Corsaro said. The clergy reached out to McGrath, a member of the Methodist Church, to ask whether he could lead a Boy Scout unit.

McGrath, a married Eagle Scout, hesitated because he worried that his sexual orientation would sink the effort. He said he didn’t hide his sexual orientation from Scouting leaders, but Seattle’s top BSA official told NBC News that she never knew he was gay.

McGrath is believed to be the first gay adult to be booted from the Boy Scouts of America since last May’s vote. He said Sunday that he was “shocked” by the BSA decision.

“It’s just so astounding to me that they would take this tiny, small issue and dissolve two units over it without having a proper conversation with the pastor,” he told NBC News by phone.

Right. This “tiny issue” was used by McGrath and his cohorts, knowing it was a violation of BSA rules, to force the organization to change to suit their own ideas of pansexual utopia. And they failed. McGrath claims to be “astounded” that the entire national BSA didn’t conform to his demands.

This was a cheap trick. It was a lobbying effort. The BSA did the right thing.

Of course, I still think parents would be better off avoiding the BSA since they changed their policy on homosexual youth.