Attention Liberals: Miniature Human Brains Grown in Lab

The BBC is reporting that “miniature human brains have been grown in a lab in a feat scientists hope will transform the understanding of neurological disorders.”

This is good news for liberals since, as Michael Savage has written, liberalism is a “mental disorder.” They could use new brain tissue given what we know about liberal economic policies.

Liberals believe that youth employment will increase if the minimum wage is raised. Certainly companies who pay a higher wage will get more experienced and talented workers, but young people have to be able to demonstrate that they can do a job before an employer is going to risk training and paying someone who has no experience.

Studies have shown that minimum wage legislation is an obstacle to youth employment.

“In 1999, slightly more than 52 percent of teens 16 to 19 worked a summer job. By this year, that number had plunged to about 32.25 percent over June and July.” When there are more people looking for jobs at a bottom price (minimum wage) than there are jobs available, a business is going to hire the best workers for the money, those with a work history and experience.

Liberals also believe that direct transfer payments (money taking from wage earners and investments) to the poor will decrease poverty. How well has nearly 50 years of wealth redistribution worked?Welfare Spending

We spend $1 trillion each year on various poverty-related wealth-transfer programs. If half of that $1 trillion went as direct payments to those below the poverty line, it would end poverty by raising the yearly income level of a family of four to $44,000. So with all the money we spend to relieve poverty, we still have tens of millions of people in poverty. How is that possible? You have to have a liberal brain to understand.

The goal has never been to eliminate poverty but only to create a perpetual dependent class that will vote to keep liberals is power. If it means spending $500 billion every year to do it, so be it. It’s money well spent.

According to a new study, “welfare currently pays more than a minimum wage job in 35 states. Welfare in 42 states exceeds the Federal Poverty Level and District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and Hawaii pays more than twice the poverty level.”

Looking at Welfare Benefits Packages as a whole, the states with the largest welfare packages are:

1. Hawaii: $49,175
2. District of Columbia: $43,099
3. Massachusetts: $42,515
4. Connecticut: $38,761
5. New Jersey: $38,728
6. Rhode Island: $38,632
7. New York: $38,004

What incentive do people have to go out and look for a job when welfare pays them a fairly decent salary? I’m not sure that a brain tissue implant would help.