Attention-Seeking NFL Players May Announce They’re Gay; Who Cares?

To hear liberals tell it, one would think that conservatives generally do care about what sex someone is attracted to. Truth is: most of us could not care less. The only ones who ever seem to put any importance on such trivial matters as someone’s sexual orientation are liberals themselves.

It is liberals who make movies celebrating gayness and gay people. It is liberals who teach classes on gayness. If a conservative male is particularly effeminate, it is liberals who ever call him “faggot” and a “closeted queer.” It was liberals who wondered, for some reason, if footballer Manti Te’o is gay.

Speaking of football, there is great titillation among the left, and almost exclusively among the left, at the recent teases that one or several professional NFL players will be emerging from the proverbial closet in the coming days or weeks. Liberals can hardly contain their bladders in all their anticipation.

Brendon Ayanbadejo, who plays some position called a “linebacker” for the Baltimore Ravens, recently said he believes as many as four players could announce their gaiety all at once so that they could each support one another. says that this “would be awesome.” Is this any more awesome than if a presumably gay guy came out as straight? Any more awesome than if a presumably straight guy confirmed he was indeed straight?

SBNation continued:

“The one reason to worry about an NFL player coming out as gay would be the inevitable avalanche of horrible jokes, hateful responses, and insane scrutiny, all directed at one human being.”

Well, I can think of three easy measures that can be taken to remedy this.

One thing would be for liberals to stop caring. By making a big deal about an announcement, they make a spectacle of the gay person.

The other thing that would help is if gay people stopped asking to be made into spectacles. Gays claim to want privacy, but then they go and make big deals about being gay. They should either stay “in the closet” or avoid making some big, attention-seeking announcement about it. Normal people don’t feel the need to broadcast the personal details of their lives before a press corps, and reasonable people would never complain that a big deal is being made about something that they took the time and energy to notify the media about.

Finally, gays should stop defining themselves as gay. Gay is an adjective, not who someone is. A flamboyant singer by the name of Mika was once asked in a 2009 interview if he was gay, and he basically said, “Who cares?” adding that he doesn’t like to label himself. (Though in 2012, I’m guessing in an attempt to revive his short-lived popularity, he did say he was gay. So much for principle.)

So are a few football players gay? Who cares! Leave us alone about it!