Contact These Companies Who Donate to Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, the Daily Signal put up a list of the 39 companies who donate to Planned Parenthood. It had been 41, since it was based upon the list that Planned Parenthood displayed on their website. Since the article was published, Ford and Xerox made haste to let us know they are no longer listed donors of Planned Parenthood. This is important because large corporations notoriously do not want to take a moral stand if they do not have to. But the time for that is over. We ought to contact these Read more […]

How Deborah Nucatola Will End Abortion

Several years ago, before we were married, while my wife and I were still in college, she and her roommates watched the historical fiction, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The movie portrayed the German people not only as merely accepting what was being done to the Jews, but actually taking pride in how righteous their cause was. My wife’s roommates were simply in unbelief. They could not believe that a modern society that does not look all that different than ours today, with automobiles, electricity, Read more […]

Yes, the Church is in Exile, So What Happens Next?

Steve McAlpine, of the Australian branch of The Gospel Coalition, has penned a piece on the reality of exile for the church in the Western world. It is full of astute cultural observation and, as a bonus, is a delightfully fun read. As a cultural commentary it is very perceptive, but it should be noted, in both the British Empire and United States, the decline did not happen overnight; there is a long history of cultural decline that dates back to the beginning of the last century. In the United Read more […]

How Gay Marriage Will Save the Evangelical Church in America

In a matter of weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in Obergefell v. Hodges, and is widely expected to impose homosexual marriage on the whole of the United States. There has been some speculation as to what the implications of such a ruling will be. Given the hysterical reaction to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, along with the cases of florists and bakers who have been made to pay exorbitant fines for having refused to serve homosexual weddings, it is clear the goal of the homosexual Read more […]

Homosexual Activism Is Forcing Christians to Take a Stand

Forcing Christians to affirm and celebrate “gay marriage” will make them into people who resist. A headline in the Washington Post reads, “‘Relationship with Jesus’ doesn’t justify florist’s refusal to serve gay couple, judge rules.” “Religious motivation does not excuse compliance with the law,” …said the rulers, elders, scribes, Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, and Alexander, and as many as were of the family of the high priest (compare). We will not merely Read more […]