Muslim Countries Call for Homosexual Apartheid (Will Liberals Notice?)

Well lookee here what’s about to happen in the Gulf Cooperation Countries! Them wacky Arabs are at it again; pushing the envelope of common decency. We’ve discovered long ago, the Muslim penchant for abusing women; honor killings, marriage to an abuse of young girls, stonings and such. Now that they have that whole female domination thing worked out, it’s evidently time to tackle the homosexual scourge in the Middle East. I frankly wasn’t aware that the Middle East is a hotbed of LGBT Read more […]

Republicans, Democrats, and the Big Lie

I understand why John Boehner or any Republican appears on shows like “This Week with George Snuffleupagus,” but watching it is just so frustrating. George Stephanopoulos continued to push for a “gotcha” quote. That was the premise of the whole interview. It wasn’t an interview; it never is. It was an interrogation or cross examination. And I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to give John Boehner some credit. He had many opportunities to throw Ted Cruz under the bus and didn’t. Read more […]

Furloughed Government Shutdown Workers Get Paid Vacation

What does the federal government shutdown mean to the average hard-working American taxpayer? For that matter, what does it mean to any private sector American currently employed virtually anywhere in the country? If you’re like me; absolutely nothing! Have you even noticed the “shutdown”? Has it caused you any pain and suffering? I likely think not. Now I’m not completely devoid of feelings or empathy. I do feel bad that no-name government employees were furloughed. They went to work Read more […]

No Global Warming Facts, But There’s Still Global Warming

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report has been released on global climate change. To everyone’s surprise the report warns of catastrophic global warming on the horizon. The IPCC did have to admit the obvious — well, kind of — that there has been no warming recently. But just you wait … you’ll see … the earth will start boiling again any day now. Propagandists such as National Geographic online sprung into action highlighting the major IPCC claims as Read more […]

Make the Able Bodied Work for Food Stamps

The AP reported, “The House is poised to vote on cutting $4 billion a year from food stamp assistance, now used by one in seven Americans.” To that, Nancy Pelosi said, “Maybe I’m just hoping for divine intervention, but I really do believe that there are enough Republicans that will not identify themselves with such a brutal cut in feeding the American people.” Well Nancy, I’m sure you’re right. There will most likely be plenty of squishy, scared of their own shadow Republicans to kill Read more […]

Now You Know How to Vote in the 2014 Election

It was as if Ted Cruz scripted the whole Harry Reid carnival sideshow on Friday and set us up for the 2014 Election. As he and Rush Limbaugh predicted, the House voted on a continuing resolution (CR) to temporarily fund the government but stripped out funding for Obamacare, then passed the CR on to the Senate for a vote. Without funding, Obamacare would be DOA. As predicted the Senate voted 79 to 19 for cloture, thus ending all debate on the House’s version of the CR. Once that supermajority Read more […]

John Kerry Signs Away Our Gun Rights to the UN

Without a lot of fanfare, Secretary of State, John Kerry signed away our gun rights here in America, with his signature on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). This treaty has been hanging out there for years, just waiting for an appropriately liberal U.S. regime to sign on. I guess they finally found one who is more concerned with the “World” community than our own. In 2012, the ATT’s Coordinated Action on Small Arms (CASA) paper explained that the U.N. “does not aim to impede or interfere Read more […]

Global Warming High Priests Want Your Money

The U.N. high priests of Global Warming are meeting this week, no doubt flying into Stockholm, Sweden, on private pollutant-spewing jets. Global Warming “science” pays well, so they an afford it. Despite all data to the contrary, their final report on the scourge of manmade global warming, to be released on Sept. 30 will surely be chock-full of dire predictions of climate Armageddon unless America reverts to third-world status. Yet some have started to recognize the graffiti on the walls Read more […]

More Food Regulations Coming Our Way

What we need is more regulation, because without proper federal oversight we make all the wrong choices: spend our money indiscriminately, use too much energy, pollute the planet, eat the wrong things and generally misbehave. Basically, we are what’s wrong with this country. And how is all this misbehavior measured? Well, by “independent nonpartisan studies.” A recent study looked into food expiration dates. The study of food expiration dates was conducted by Harvard Law School. Law school? Read more […]

You Don’t Need Permission from the State to Carry a Gun

When will America wise up about guns? They are not scary. They are a tool – like a hammer or a saw. You’ve heard the saying, the right tool for the right job. You wouldn’t use a gun to hammer a nail into a board, and you wouldn’t use a hammer to hunt or defend yourself. You could try, but I’d rather not get that close to that which I’m hunting or an attacker and I’ve been trained. Over the years more and more citizens have been conditioned to think guns are scary. Thus the “Gun Read more […]

Obama Wants to Arm Al-Qaeda and Disarm Americans

So it looks like we’re not going to war. Darn it! It was the perfect distraction. No one has been concentrating on the myriad of domestic scandals and who would call for the head of a wartime president? But his own Secretary of State, Lurch Kerry, foiled Obama. So what will we do? The next best thing — arm al Qaeda, the terrorists, the rebels. Not that we haven’t been for more than a year now, but who’s counting. Yet fear not. The administration only plans to arm the rebel factions that Read more […]

GOP Establishment in Full ‘Crush Ted Cruz’ Mode Because He Says “No”

I was flipping through news channels Sunday morning and happened upon MSNBC and a discussion of Sen. Ted Cruz. Okay, I didn’t just happen upon it for I usually avoid it like the plague, but Fox was discussing some pop-culture nonsense. There was a discussion panel with four liberals and one former George H. W. Bush progressive consultant. He was both progressive and black, so it was okay. They were discussing Ted Cruz and naturally there was no love in the room. They allowed the “Republican” Read more […]