Education v. Fear: Another Popular Strategy For Attacking Our 2nd Amendment Rights

I have written about how liberals ignore crime and safety facts to promote gun control. Now I want to tackle the way they frame the issue.   Gun Education You don’t have to be a gun-smith or a military expert to have an education on firearms.  One of the reasons why the military, police, deputies and firearm advocates will dismiss any argument from the Left that starts with “Assault Rifle” is because they have a factual working knowledge of the firearms that are being discussed.  If you Read more […]

Why The Left Replaces Facts With Arguments: A Popular Strategy For Attacking Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Debating guns in our society is one of the hottest topics in any media outlet.  There is a notable pattern I’ve noticed, one that’s all too common.  Those who oppose guns can’t dispute the facts, so they use scare tactics and a list of ‘what-ifs’ to make their scary points.  Most of the time it works on uneducated citizens, including the younger college students who are easily influenced by emotional content.  Once we can remove the argument and look at only the facts, there are some surprising Read more […]