Priest Sues Military Over Ban Against Mass On Military Base

Last week I reported that the Obama administration had ordered all contract and general service Catholic chaplains to stop performing any religious duties on military bases during the government shutdown.  The orders they received also banned them from volunteering their services under the threat of being arrested. A number of military bases here in the US and abroad do not have active duty chaplains assigned to them so the military will contract with civilian priests to perform mass, weddings, Read more […]

Hospitals Slashing Thousands of Jobs Thanks to Obamacare

Government officials have been predicting that jobs in the health care industry would be increasing due to the implementation of Obamacare and the projected 30 million Americans that would be signing up for coverage.  Supposedly, thousands of jobs would be created in the healthcare industry but that does not seem to be the case. Figures compiled by Challenger Gray and Christmas, an outplacement firm, there were 8,128 layoffs in the health industry last month.  Since the beginning of the year Read more […]

High School Play Portrays Sex With Goat

If you were the parent of a high school student and found out that your child was involved with a play at school that uses vulgar sexual expressions and portrays sex with a goat, would you be upset and concerned? Some parents of Cactus Shadows High School in Carefree, Arizona are, but you may be surprised at the reaction they are receiving. The play is The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee.  The main character, Martin, falls in love with a goat and has a sexual affair with it, which Read more […]

College Facing Lawsuit For Banning Student From Handing Out Copies Of Constitution

September 17, 2013 was Constitution Day.  It was a day designated to honor and remember the US Constitution and what it stands for and the men who wrote it.  A number of people celebrated the day by handing out copies of the US Constitution to friends, family, co-workers and strangers. Robert Van Tuinen was one of those people who is patriotic and decided to hand out free copies of the Constitution.  He happens to be a student at Modesto Community College in California and figured the campus Read more […]

Actor Expects Work Hard To Find After Criticizing Obama

I’ve always enjoyed watching actor James Woods on television and in the movies.  Few actors have the ability to play the wide range of characters he’s played over the years, from comedy to serious and all of the genres in between. But what I’ve admired most about Woods is his conservative political views, which today makes him very unpopular in Hollywood.  He has been quite outspoken at times concerning President Obama and the Democrats, while many in Hollywood blindly support our liberal Read more […]

Obama Bans Contract Chaplains From Performing Services

Remember when one Park Service Employee stated that they received orders to make things as difficult for people as possible?  Now the Obama administration is using the government shutdown to deny our military service men and women their constitutional rights of freedom of religion. According to the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Service, USA, priests that are under contract or general schedule with the military have been banned from performing Mass, weddings, baptisms or Read more […]

Illinois Governor Issues Administrative Order Banning Employers Asking Job Applicants About Felonies

I was always taught that if I committed a felony, it would affect my entire life.  I would lose my privilege to vote, to obtain a number of professional licenses, to hold many jobs and the right to bear arms.  Committing a felony is serious and needs to be treated as such. In our growing liberal society, convicted felons are having some of the consequences of their actions removed.  Some states are now allowing them to vote in elections.  Now, one very liberal Democratic governor has taken Read more […]

School Takes Offense To Girl’s NRA T-Shirt

Haley Bullwinkle is a 16 year old sophomore who attends Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills, California.  She is a very patriotic student who also believes in the Second Amendment. A couple of weeks ago, Haley was running late for school and quickly grabbed a t-shirt, put it on and headed off to school.  When she arrived on campus, a security guard stopped her told her that she had to change her shirt or she would be suspended.  Not wanting to be suspended, Haley wore a shirt that the school Read more […]

Christian Students Forced to Pray to Allah, Study Quran, Pledge Allegiance to Afghan Flag

Author’s Note –  It was brought to my attention that the source I used for this post was bogus and that the information below is completely false.  Had the information been true, my post would have stood as is.  I apologize for misleading anyone and will try to vet my sources better in the future. – Dave Jolly Supposedly there is a separation of church of state that permeates our government and public schools that only applies to Christianity and Judaism and does not apply to Islam, the Read more […]

Common Core Teaches Human Rights – United Nations Style

The list of concerns over the Common Core Standards is growing.  First there were the reports about recommended reading material for high school students that was pure pornography.  One book glorified rape, incest and pedophilia. Then I wrote about how Common Core discriminates against students from low-income homes.  Nationwide Common Core testing involves computer typing skills.  Kids as young as 9 years of age are expected to be able to type one full page in the writing section of a test.  Read more […]

Americans Hate Obamacare But Love Affordable Care Act

There are more and more videos coming out that show just how ill-informed or stupid the American people have become.  I’ve seen video interviews with people who want to grant President Obama immunity from all crimes he’s committed while in office, past, present and future to approving of 4th trimester abortions.  During the elections a year ago, people interviewed believed that Paul Ryan was black and running as Obama’s VP candidate and others had no idea who was who or what they stood for, Read more […]

Lawmaker Says Enrolling In Obamacare Is Like Addiction To Crack Cocaine

Socialism 101 teaches that a socialist government must get as many citizens dependent upon the government as possible.  Do away with all private charity, especially church based ones.  Undermine parental authority and brainwash kids in school to think of the government as their lord and benefactor.  Eliminate the free market system and replace it with a system controlled by the government.  Strip the citizens of their firearms and convince them that the government will protect them.  Strip their Read more […]