Food Stamp Shut Down a Sign of Bad Things to Come

“The people are about to riot” is not what you want to hear at the grocery store. Not only is the ObamaCare website a computer disaster, but there was a hiccup in the EBT computer system over the weekend. Reports are coming in that “shoppers left carts of groceries behind at a packed Market Basket grocery store in Biddeford, Maine, because they couldn’t get their benefits . . . The manager put up a sign saying the EBT system was not in use.” Comments from non-EBT shoppers are a little Read more […]

Stop the Insanity and Lindsey Graham is Insane

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) needs to join the Democrat Party, resign, decide not to run in 2014, or the voters of South Carolina need to vote him out of office . . . please. Graham wants to move on from ObamaCare. Here’s the problem: If ObamaCare is financed, we’ll never be rid of it. “On ABC News’ This Week, Graham said Paul Ryan should team up with John Boehner to pass some kind of deal ‘that doesn’t delay or defund [Obamacare] but would be good government.’ “‘That’s the best Read more […]

Former Religious Right Insider Frank Schaeffer Attacks Ted Cruz

When liberals want to slam a conservative Christians, they call on Frank Schaeffer, the son of Francis A. Schaeffer, the Christian apologist who brought Evangelicals out of the pietistic closet and have become a living nightmare for liberals. Liberals loved religion when liberal religionists voted for them. In 1980, this all changed, and Francis Schaeffer had a lot to do with it. Franky, as he was known then, was the promoter of his father’s theological, social, cultural, and political philosophy. Read more […]

What’s This FEMA Video Trying to Tell Us?

FEMA is a government agency that has extraordinary authority. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security, initially created by Presidential Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1978 and implemented by two Executive Orders on April 1, 1979. FEMA is considered to be the most powerful institute in the United States, it has more power than the President of the USA or the Congress. It has the power to turn the United States into a police Read more […]

Obama is Going Down in Flames and Republicans Are in Compromise Mode

President Obama’s approval is at 37 percent, the roll out of ObamaCare is a disaster, “Nearly 75% of Americans say they have not been impacted by the sequester cuts,” states are filling in the void of Washington’s failures, and Obama and Co. are getting most of the blame for the shutdown. He’s ticked off the “Greatest Generation,” a group of wheelchair-bound men who fought for our nation’s survival and freedom who travelled to DC to see a memorial to honor their war-time blood, Read more […]

Michael Medved is a Cocktail Party Republican Not a Tea Party Republican

I inadvertently left my copy of Wednesday’s edition of USA Today on the sofa where my wife could see an article written by Michael Medved. Big mistake. She was incensed. She’s still talking about it. There are too many people who call themselves conservatives who want to be thought of as team players. They’re wined and dined and fawned over with a hearty slap on the back. They want to be accepted by the in-crowd. I put Medved in that category. He’s just conservative enough to pass muster, but when Read more […]

Radical Democrat DeWayne Wickham Compares Conservatives to the KKK

You can smell the desperation in the air. Democrats are in a panic. Economic fears of the sequestration never materialized. Since Democrats are all about crisis political management, crisis averted means no political capital. The so-called shutdown is not netting much politically for the Democrats. In fact, the petty actions of the Obama administration in going after WW II vets, closing private businesses on federal lands, and following a “make it hurt” strategy are beginning to backfire. Read more […]

Law Professor Obama Doesn’t Know America is Not a Democracy

A number of times in yesterday’s “Can’t we all get along as long as you agree with me” speech, President Obama made references to “our democracy.” It’s important to note that before he was president, Obama was a law professor. At a 2007 fundraiser, he said, “I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president [George W. Bush] I actually respect the Constitution.” I was left speechless when I first read this. It’s pure political theater. On the Read more […]

Truckers Join the Patriot Movement and Head for DC

Thank a trucker. Without them, we wouldn’t eat or be able to drive our cars. They haul everything from diapers to doughnuts. While we’re sleeping, they’re driving. And they’re fed up. USA Today reports, “Brace yourselves, Washington, D.C., drivers. Angry truckers are coming to town Friday as part of a three-day protest to ‘shut down America’ and ‘restore our Constitutional Republic.’” They better be careful. DC police are armed and dangerous as one women in a black SUV found out. “The Read more […]

School District Blackmailed by ACLU to Remove Portrait of Jesus

The Christian Post reports that “a school district in Ohio has reached a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union to keep a portrait of Jesus Christ off school property and pay a $95,000 fine. Jackson City School District agreed to the settlement Friday in response to legal action being pushed by the ACLU and the Wisconsin-based group the Freedom From Religion Foundation.” School districts and municipalities are reluctant to fight the ACLU because if they lose, they’ll have to Read more […]

Is This Where the ‘Gay’ Rights Movement Will Take Us?

Ideas have consequences. Choices have consequences. Laws have consequences. Changes in moral certainties have consequences. The hit AMC series Breaking Bad made that abundantly clear and obvious. We’ve seen how the so-called ‘gay’ rights movement has resulted in certain types of sexual acts becoming protected by law. But most Americans mostly likely tolerated same-sex sex because they believed that what other people did had no immediate effect on them. A number of cases have shown that Read more […]

Return All National Parks to the States

All the wrangling over closing National Parks should be a wake-up call to tax payers and the size and scope of government. We’re told over and over again that there’s nothing in the budget that can’t be cut. Most of what our federal government does is unconstitutional. Entire agencies should be shut down. The Department of Commerce has 46,000 employees and doesn’t engage in commerce. The Department of Energy has 13,000 employees and doesn’t produce any energy. I live a few miles from Kennesaw Read more […]