Obama’s DHS To Allow Saudi’s With Knives To Bypass Airport Customs Checks

America will be comforted to hear that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security “Global Entry Program” will soon be adding the citizens of Saudi Arabia to the list of low risk “trusted travelers” no longer requiring U.S. Customs checks. Apparently, Janet Napolitano has no fear of history repeating itself, since she has now agreed to DHS travel protocol changes— accommodating official Saudi travel requests—designed to “reaffirm our commitment to more effectively secure our two countries Read more […]

When is somebody going to go to prison?

I’m trying to remember the last time a member of society’s elite or one of industry’s captains was convicted and sentenced to prison and actually did the time. I mean a lot of people, some elected and many who finance elections always seem to manage to stay out of jail and keep their stuff while most Americans have to sell everything they own just to defend their innocence. Candidly, it seems that our government and industry are one big racketeering enterprise and Americans are expected to Read more […]

Credit Downgrades, Retirement Savings Confiscation, and the coming Entitlement

That will never happen! They can’t do that! It’s unconstitutional! These are always the first reactions to predictions of future legislation where by our federal government proposes to steal our money while pretending to help the masses. Americans had better come to terms with the fact that the Obama Administration is one election away from the confiscation of retirement savings and Democrat loyalists all over America are gleefully waiting for the next round of Obama income redistribution. If Read more […]

Negotiating With Terror Is the New Foreign Policy

The Middle East is on fire and terrorists masquerading as diplomats are demanding concessions before they promise to stop the violence. Decades of Islamic aggression against the United States and its ally Israel has reached a fevered pitch and somehow managed to neuter our State Department. The Obama Administration’s obfuscation and incompetence is playing right into the hands of an ideology hell bent on America’s destruction and Israel’s Jerusalem is now on the table. Suddenly liberals Read more […]

If I Were Evil

I would sit in the pews of your churches and marvel at the youth available to me. I would make life easy, convenient, and without consequence. I would be an expert at division and subjugation. I would make most of you think I was right there with you; fighting for you and everything you want. If I were evil, “traditional” would be a relative and scorned term; especially when it didn’t fit into the ever evolving puzzle called life. Mistakes would be successes and children a burden not a blessing. Read more […]

Illegal Amnesty Is America’s New Vietnam

Once again the cowards running our government are more concerned with winning elections than the health of our nation. Amnesty is no longer a dirty word and Latino’s are breaking out the maracas in preparation for a grand celebration. All across America free phone loving aliens are counting the days until they can legally join the entitlement culture and reap the unearned benefits of a nation in economic ruin. It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that overnight legalization of millions of Latino Read more […]

You can’t be civil in a street fight

The 2012 election the popular vote proved that over half of our nation is now willing to pledge allegiance to a Republic where socialism, infanticide, sexual perversions and a Godless society are more desirable than righteousness. How many more elections will it take before decent people realize that we are in a street fight for the soul of our nation and as it is in life, you can’t be civil in a street fight and expect to win. While conservative Americans lick their wounds from the resounding Read more […]

My favorite “racist” is right again!

Yesterday conservative writer and columnist Pat Buchanan summarized our growing national predicament in a piece for Townhall.com titled: “The Coming Age of Austerity.”  With sobering certainty Mr. Buchanan advises America to take pause and consider a “rarely discussed” social development; the changing diversity and educational/social deficiencies of our future workforce and its effect on our nation’s ability to sustain a healthy U.S. economy. In the past, some have labeled Mr. Buchanan Read more […]

Pelosi buying her way to power again

Two days ago in Laredo, Texas minority leader Nancy Pelosi was busy pandering for campaign cash. The crowd at the La Posada Hotel was treated to Pelosi’s Democrat spin about “Reigniting the American dream, building ladders of opportunity for the people who work hard, play by the rules, take responsibility.” Perhaps it would have been more symbolic had the speech been given at the Alamo since this may be former Speaker Pelosi’s last stand. Pelosi’s party leadership is in deep trouble. Read more […]

Monstrous Storm to Monstrous Election Confrontation?

Just when you think you have it right, life steps in and reminds you how shortsighted you can be. The first Lady was right about voting early because toilets may overflow. Mother Nature just caused millions of toilets to back up and many east coast voters may not be able to use polling places and equipment to vote. What are the odds? I am genuinely apprehensive about next week’s election and the consequences of wide spread power outages up and down the eastern seaboard. For the first time in Read more […]

“Paid Sick Leave” Makes Sense to Liberals, But Costs All of Us Dollars

Katrina vanden Heuvel, journalistic diva for “The Nation,” is now backing her cause du jour “Paid Sick Leave” for the gender equality crowd. Apparently gender equality has now morphed into a kind of pro-family freedom thing with liberal standards that could include two guys in drag. After all the LGBT community needs paid sick leave too, right? You gotta love New York Aristocracy. According to Ms. vanden Heuval (daughter to the heiress and author Jean Stein and William vanden Heuval a Read more […]

Muslim Congressman promotes Sharia Compliant Transaction Tax?

America’s first Muslim Congressman and Co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Keith Ellison, has proposed a new financial transaction tax .The “Inclusive Prosperity Act” (HR 6411) seeks to tax all Wall Street financial transactions to provide “the revenue needed to invest in the education, health and communities of the American people.” Minnesota Congressman Ellison (D.) serves on the House Financial Services Committee which has jurisdiction over the banking system, stock exchanges Read more […]