Attacking Christians to Advance Communism?

“With instructions to drop the bomb only on visual sighting, Bock’s Car arrived at Kokura, which was clouded over. So after circling three times, looking for a break in the clouds, and using up a tremendous amount of valuable fuel in the process, it headed for its secondary target, Nagasaki. “Nagasaki is famous in the history of Japanese Christianity. Not only was it the site of the largest Christian church in the Orient, St. Mary’s Cathedral, but it also had the largest concentration of baptized Read more […]

War in Syria: WWJD?

Last week the House passed yet another bill placing sanctions on Iran and Syria, bringing us closer to another war in the Middle East, just as sanctions led to war in Iraq and bombing in Libya. Sanctions punish the poor and innocent, not the wealthy, insulated dictators. Last week we learned that President Obama signed an intelligence “finding” directing the CIA to covertly assist rebels in Syria. Overt military intervention is surely next. There is little argument about the Syrian dictator: Read more […]

Hiroshima: From Christian Republic to Atheistic Empire

The United States was once a Christian nation, a “City upon a Hill.” Approximately 300 years after Christians undertook “for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith” a journey on the Mayflower, the United States became an evil, anti-Christian Empire. No clearer evidence of this apostasy could be offered than the dropping of an Atomic Bomb on this day, August 6, 1945 on Hiroshima, Japan. Many people criticized Truman for dropping the Bomb when Japan had already indicated Read more […]

Is Syria Our Fight or a Re-Election Ploy?

On this day, August 4, 1964, Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson addressed the people of the United States from radio and television: My fellow Americans: As President and Commander in Chief, it is my duty to the American people to report that renewed hostile actions against United States ships on the high seas in the Gulf of Tonkin have today required me to order the military forces of the United States to take action in reply. The performance of commanders and crews in this engagement is Read more […]

Government Home Wreckers: You Could be Next

The greatest threat to the original American Dream is government. According to the Library of Congress, George Washington’s favorite Bible verses were those that spoke of every man dwelling safely under his own “vine and fig tree.” After the Revolution, when he had returned to Mount Vernon, he wrote the Marquis de Lafayette on Feb. 1, 1784: “At length my Dear Marquis I am become a private citizen on the banks of the Potomac, & under the shadow of my own Vine & my own Fig-tree.” Read more […]

Does Iran Have Higher Ethical Standards than Washington?

Iranians, hit by sanctions and soaring prices, were shocked by the scale of a $2.6 billion bank loan embezzlement scheme that was exposed last year, and by allegations it was carried out by people close to the political elite or with their assent. Days ago, an Iranian court handed down sentences. Of 39 defendants whose charges were heard, the court’s judge has sentenced four to death and two others to life imprisonment. The remaining defendants received prison terms of 25 years, 20 years, 10 Read more […]

Is the Stage Being Set for World War III?

David Boaz of the CATO Institute reminds us about World War I: World War I was a catastrophe, a foolish and unnecessary war, a war of European potentates that both England and the United States could have stayed out of but that became indeed a World War, “the Great War.” In our own country the war gave us economic planning, conscription, nationalization of the railroads, a sedition act, confiscatory income tax rates, and prohibition. Internationally World War I and its conclusion led directly Read more […]

Has “In God We Trust” Become a Fraud?

Fifty-six years ago today, on July 30, 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a joint resolution of the U.S. Congress, authorizing “In God We Trust” as the U.S. national motto. Atheists have claimed that the phrase was purely political; a Cold War concoction to counter the atheism of the Soviet Union. But the phrase goes back before Karl Marx was born. In reporting the Joint Resolution, the Senate Judiciary Committee stated: “Further official recognition of this motto was given by the Read more […]

Lawyers Seek $2,100 Per Hour — Client Gets $15 in ‘Mini-Wheats’ Case

Perhaps you’ve seen the TV commercial in which Frosted Mini-Wheats help children stay attentive in school and get the right answers. No teacher will dispute that a child who had something to eat does better in school than a hungry student. A class-action lawsuit was filed against Kellogg’s by a California resident (where else?) who alleged that the commercials, which said that clinical studies showed that a breakfast of Frosted Mini-Wheats helped improve children’s attentiveness by 20 percent, Read more […]

NRA Membership Supports Government Control of Guns? Are They Nuts?

A pro-gun-control group is reporting that “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” yesterday released the findings of a survey by GOP pollster and Fox News commentator Frank Luntz showing that NRA members and gun owners overwhelmingly support a variety of government laws designed to prevent those deemed “dangerous” from owning guns under the Second Amendment. The idea that the U.S. Federal Government or anyone approved by Washington D.C. should have the authority to determine who is “dangerous” Read more […]

Obama Administration Turns Tax Breaks into Burdens

After 41 months of unemployment above 8% — the longest streak since the Great Depression — even the Obama Administration is grumblingly admitting that heavy corporate taxes are obstacles to job creation. Unfortunately, The Nanny State can’t resist using tax breaks to micromanage businesses, and businesses are saying “No thanks” to the tax breaks that are intended to jump-start the economy. Executives, particularly at small and medium-size companies, complain that many of the tax deductions Read more […]

Democrat “States’ Rights” Deception Exposed

Following Barack Obama’s announcement that he personally backs same sex “marriage,” a group of California Democratic lawmakers is advocating a flip-flop in the official Democratic Party Platform. More than two dozen members of the California Democratic congressional delegation have now signed on to a “Freedom to Marry” letter urging the Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee to adopt President Obama’s pro-sodomy position. Democrats in other states often follow California’s lead. Democratic Read more […]