Dial a Number to Find Out What Obama Thinks of You

Bill Cosby once described what happens when one sees a truck bearing down, full speed, straight at you: “First you say it, and then you do it.” Obamacare is not a truck; it’s a powerful and destructive nuclear missile headed straight for us. It isn’t sufficient for Obama to “say it,” he wants the nation to “do it.” Obama and his regime are also making you ask for it and they are doing it in the most scornful and insulting way possible. How has this been accomplished? Why, they’ve Read more […]

Harry Reid Uses Child Cancer Victims to Score Political Points

Anyone who has ever caught a five year old doing something he knows is wrong knows what to expect; denial (“I didn’t do it”), projection (“you made me do it”) and, when all else fails, petulance, name calling and egotistical ranting. Mind-numbing deceit fortifies every stage. Infant miscreants seldom get away with it. Yet, when Democrat reprobates achieve office and their lackeys in the media indulge in the same dishonest and willful behavior, the nation accepts every falsity. Recent news Read more […]

Republicans Have to Prove they Aren’t Chicken

Harry Reid and a megalomaniacal Democrat party are only interested in one thing; getting their own way. Reid knows that with every rejection, a timid Republican House is ever more likely to back down rather than be blamed for a government shutdown. Trouble is, they are being blamed anyway. Typically and irrationally, Republicans are being faulted, far more often than the Democrats, for being recalcitrant and forcing a government shutdown that is entirely unnecessary and is exclusively in the hands Read more […]

Tom Harkin: Democrats Are Never about Ideology

One would think that Americans would have lost patience with Democrat lies long before now; the primary contrivance being classic projection. A Democrat does something then blames the behavior on someone else, regardless of evidence to the contrary. In this case, Democrats are doing everything in their power to defuse the will of the people and popularize the cesspit that is Obamacare. Take Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa). Please. The National Journal quotes Harkin as follows: “[A] small group Read more […]

Cory Booker: The Next Barack Obama Running for the Senate

Cory Booker is the Democrat mayor of Newark,”the unfriendliest city in the world” and the sixth most dangerous city in the United States. Despite massive failure and a ruined city crumbling around him during his tenure, he is fabricating a fable for himself in hopes of securing a Senate seat. And, in future, The White House. He has learned much from his role model, Barack Obama. On Saturday The New York Post ran a story about Cory Booker, “Legend in His Own Mind”: Helping a gunshot Read more […]

It’s OK to Lie if You’re a Muslim

Islam allows lying for the right reason in the world of taqiyya. Believing individuals can deny “the faith or commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts while they are at risk of significant persecution.” In other words, if you’re a Muslim it’s OK to lie. It’s called “taqiyya,” and it’s nothing new. Yasser Arafat mouthed peaceful platitudes about America and Israel to an English-speaking audience while simultaneously swearing death and destruction to both on Al Jazeera, in Arabic. “The Read more […]

You Can’t Be a Citizen Journalist Unless the Government Says You Can

In a little story that has gone all but unnoticed, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved legislation allowing the DOJ to determine who can be considered a “journalist.” In their haste to tattle, The New York Times informed us that “Three Republicans, including the panel’s ranking member, Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, joined Democrats to pass the bill.” That Republicans are now complicit in assisting Democrat efforts to shred the Constitution, is no surprise. The NYT calls the amendment Read more […]

ObamaEd is Coming to a School Near You

Do you know what the Common Core Curriculum is? Whether you have children or not, unless you live in Alaska, Texas, Nebraska or Virginia, it behooves you to become familiar with it before it kicks in, full-bore, in 2014. Forty five states have adopted the entire Common Core Curriculum. One might ask why that is so dangerous. After all, Federal standards have been around since Jimmy Carter made the Department of Education a bona fide arm of the federal government in the 1970s. Simply put, Common Read more […]

America Assists al-Qaeda in Removing Bashar al-Assad

Remember the explosion of pitchforks and torches, brandished by an infuriated, leftist mob over George W. Bush’s handling of Iraq? The screeching from the lap-dog media and politicians that spun in the wind of public sentiment, as to whether they were for or against U.S. military action, was incessant. Now, Obama is in the process of committing the United States to unilateral military action. No consent from Congress. No U.N. authorization. Ah, how quickly libs forget. Or, rather, how quickly they Read more […]

Camille Paglia Gets Deep Under the Skin of Liberals

Tracy Clark-Floury, staff writer for Salon Magazine, by her own admission “did not always agree with Paglia, but I enjoyed her as a challenging provocateur.” Floury’s use of the past tense is somewhat puzzling. Ms. Paglia is not dead. She is, in fact, the lively subject of the interview published in Salon on Wednesday. Ms. Paglia is the quasi-notorious subject of liberal adoration. She is literate, intelligent and honest. But why is Ms. Paglia considered quasi-notorious? Because she is a Read more […]

Real Laws Being Broken with ObamaCare

Forbes has released a previously-unpublished memorandum from the Congressional Research Service that states “the White House has missed half of the deadlines legally required by the ACA (Affordable Care Act). And some of those deadlines remain unmet to this day.” Of the 82 deadlines identified by the CRS, the White House only finalized 32 of them on time.  Seventeen deadlines were completed late, 24 were not completed as of May 31, 2013, and 9 have not been completed at all, as of this date. By Read more […]

The Clinton Foundation Larceny

The New York Times, in what Rush Limbaugh calls a “random act of journalism,” published an article exposing The Clinton Foundation’s larceny. The Times reports that despite having lost tens of millions of dollars since its shady inception, the Clintons will be moving ahead, full throttle, relocating the Foundation’s “nerve center” from its current, highly publicized and politically correct site in Harlem to mid-Manhattan, central to liberal media outlets. In the process, the name of Read more […]