Are You “Ready for Hillary”?

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, “Ready for Hillary,” is already starting up, and it is ugly. Really ugly. It’s vaguely similar to Obama’s campaign, but with some crucial differences. Well, one main difference: it sucks. One of the first things I noticed is that they’re trying to get the American people and the presidential wanna-be on a first-name basis. Remember “Barack the Vote.” “Ready for Hillary” is like that, but it will probably be even more exclusive. Clinton knows Read more […]

Obama, Snowden, and the “Rule of Law”

Vladimir Putin, that guy who reminds our generation what Russian leaders were like before the dismantling of the Berlin wall, has done it again. I honestly admire him in some ways. Fool-hardy and brash maybe, but the man at least has guts … unlike some people in this hemisphere whose names need not be mentioned. The latest confrontation is still brewing between Washington and Putin over the extradition of Edward Snowden. Apparently Snowden is still in Russia and is being treated like an international Read more […]

Jihawg Ammo: Putting the “Ham” in Muhammad

For years, my pastor used to recommend that we dip our ammo in pig’s blood and tell Muslim terrorists we were doing it. He said this would end the Muslim jihad against us overnight. Pork is “haraam” to Muslims, meaning it is sinful—unclean. According to my pastor, if you eat or even touch pork as a Muslim, you cannot enter paradise until you are cleansed. Haraam should not be confused with “harem” which is what all the jihadists think they will be getting when they get to heaven. That’s Read more […]

Promoting a Virtuous Society, Part 3

In my last article, I mentioned that two major obstacles to a virtuous society are: A lack of a common standard for morality A lack of self-control in the populace Both of these are very difficult obstacles to overcome, and they are interconnected. Many people have attempted to establish a common standard for morality to no lasting avail. Socrates thought (and his followers still think) that education was the cure for vices, since ignorance and poverty were the cause of them. But that Read more […]

Promoting a Virtuous Society, Part 2

How are we to go about promoting a virtuous society? The first question is obvious: “What is virtue?” The Oxford English Dictionary says it is “behavior showing high moral standards.” And there is the rub. Whose standards are to be used? Some people believe they are virtuous because they don’t cuss, smoke, or drink. Others think themselves virtuous because they work hard and take care of their families. Some think they are virtuous because they don’t judge others or because they are Read more […]

Promoting a Virtuous Society, Part 1

Americans regularly make reference to “this great democracy” (we aren’t technically a democracy, by the way) or “the republic, for which it stands” (that’s more like it … kind of) or “the last great hope against Communism/Muslim theocracy/you-name-it-ism.” For some reason, we think that our form of government is eminently exportable simply because it is the most perfect form of government ever devised. Yes, it may be the best. But, like any governing apparatus, its efficacy depends Read more […]

Teen Queen to Prom Queen

Cody Tubman, a cross-dressing1 boy in Middleborough High School in Massachussetts, was recently voted “prom queen” at his school’s annual year-ending pageant of teenage awkwardness. Though it may very well have been the case that he really was the only queen at his school, I view this decision as an injustice. Forget, if you can for a moment, the absurd moral debasement here. That part of this charade can hardly surprise us Read more […]Some people are calling him transgender… whatever that means. [↩]

Money and Morals: Facebook Backs Down Over Rape “Jokes”

Money. It’s “something that’ll make you do wrong… and make you do right.”1 In case you haven’t heard, some women’s organization gave Facebook a hard time because Facebook’s moderators didn’t remove some offensive user content quickly enough. Facebook returned a completely valid (though apparently unsatisfying) apology. It said, in so many words, “I know you want someone to be angry with, but we had nothing to Read more […]Al Green was talking about love, I know, but I took some license. [↩]

Invest in Premium Pet Products … But Not in Our Future

If you’ve ever gone walking on any of the millions of trails in any of the myriad state and national natural parks and preserves all over the country, you probably have some indication of what the modern American modular family looks like—husband, wife, and pet(s).1 It is increasingly common for Americans to treat their pets Read more […]On the West Coast perhaps more than the East, you might also see a few homosexual couples with pet(s) posing as “families” as well. The common factor: no kids. [↩]

Herd Immunity and Moral Individualism, Part 2

So what does herd immunity have to do with morals? Bear with me a moment. I believe there is a Moral Consequences Immunity in the realm of ethics which has parallel functions to herd immunity in the realm of epidemiology. In other words, a population of people can be protected from the deleterious consequences of immorality if the vast majority of that population are virtuous. On the other hand, when a large enough percentage of that population embrace immoral behavior, the consequences of that behavior Read more […]

Herd Immunity and Moral Individualism, Part 1

The argument over vaccination is largely based on miscommunication. Most vaccine detractors actually have no issue whatsoever with the concept of vaccination. As an extension of the homeopathic principle of hormesis, vaccination in concept (and even in practice) is far older than allopathic medicine. Most people “against vaccination” take issue with many of the highly processed, mass-produced vaccination shots because they contain harmful “non-active” materials (e.g., aluminum, mercury or Read more […]

LGBT Bigotry: When Not Saying Anything is Saying Something

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” used to be good enough. Nope. Not anymore. In a new encyclical to Department of Justice employees intended to establish a better workplace environment for LGBT employees, supervisors are instructed, among other things: DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval. That’s just one of many ridiculous DOs and DON’Ts included in what would be a hilarious document if it weren’t so disturbing. Read more […]