Stop Playing the Victim!

There are few characteristics as central to American culture today as that of being a victim. We automatically assume in most situations we have been victimized. There are real victims, of course. There are people who have been hurt, maimed, harmed, reputations destroyed, families broken, children abused, etc. But what I am talking about is that American mindset of being perpetually offended. The students blame the teacher. The teacher blames the students. The parents blame the children. The children Read more […]

The Coming Division between Christ and Family

While Americans have thought that Christ and family go together, the age of “family values” may be ending. Be prepared! For many generations Christians or converts to Christianity in the West (Europe & America) did not have to sacrifice much. The reason was Western Christendom. Most of society was built on Christian laws and operated under a Christian ethic. If someone ¬†got saved at a revival meeting they went out into a world that, for the most part, approved of their conversion and the Read more […]