Why Article I, Section 8 is no limit on Constitutional Excesses

Editor’s note: Constitutional Excesses? This is a controversial piece. I’ve decided to run it and get feedback. While I don’t agree with all the writer’s conclusions, I do think that Alexander Hamilton believed something similar or identical to what Broadus argues. And since Hamilton was an architect of the Constitutional convention, it is hard to claim that his understanding has no place in the document itself. I also think the way our history books treat the United States under the Continental Read more […]

“Uncle Tom” Is Ebonics For “Superhero”

The 2013 movie, Man of Steel, is a more serious remake (and re-boot) of the 1983 classic, Superman II.  The 1983 version was probably the best of the Superman collection of films, introducing the storyline that this traditional American hero, wrapped in the American flag, actually desired to be human like everyone else and to leave his super powers behind in order to feel real human love.  A similar theme is resounded in the “Five for Fighting” song, Superman (It’s not easy,) which speaks Read more […]

Don’t Be Fooled … By the Duck Commanders

This past summer, I was invited to speak at an event to celebrate Southern heritage.  While there, I overheard a few friends talking about a show I had never watched, called “Duck Dynasty.”  They went on about a family with an outspoken character called “Uncle Si,” and how it was wonderful that they ended each show in a prayer.  I remember them saying that one of the show’s stars complained to the producers that they had cut out a segment when he prayed in Jesus’ name.  But this past Read more […]

What Chris Christie And Ron Paul Have In Common

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough thinks that what ails the GOP is not nominating leftist candidates like Chris Christie.  Black Republican strategist, Raynard Jackson also wrote an article heralding Christie’s landslide win in a Blue State as the rubric for the GOP, while shaming Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia as a sign that the party should turn away from conservative & Tea Party values that brought the party back from the dead in 2010.  And Anne Coulter warned in 2012 that Read more […]