Long Island Fiscal Cliff and Hurricane Sandy

Thanks to the havoc caused by Hurricane Sandy, Long Island may be closer to the precipice of the fiscal cliff then many people realize. In March 1995, FEMA came up with the following maximum amounts of coverage for flood insurance: $250,000.00 for residential property structures and $100,000.00 for contents. $500,000.00 for nonresidential structures and $500,000.00 for contents In September 1995, the average price for homes in Suffolk, Nassau and Queens was $155,000.00 (according to Read more […]

Flashback: Obama’s 2012 Election Win Dates Back to 2005

This article was originally written in 2008 to reflect on where the Republican Party went wrong in the lead up to the 2008 Presidential Election. On February 12, 2005, Gov. Howard Dean was elected Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Many political pundits on both sides lambasted his goal to make the “Democratic Party competitive in every race, in every district, in every state and territory, while integrating national and state party operations and standing up for Democrats’ core values”. The Read more […]