What Really Happened in DC Car Chase and Shooting of Miriam Carey

The wild incident of a car chase and shooting death of unarmed driver Miriam Carey in Washington D.C. is an example of police using deadly force in a situation where it wasn’t warranted. The report states that the driver, Miriam Carey, first struck a security barrier and a US Secret Service officer near the White House before the chase began. A video of Carey’s car being surrounded by police with guns drawn before she took off on the street can be viewed here. There aren’t any specifics Read more […]

Trayvon a Cover for Black-on-Black and Black-on-White Crime

The government controlled media as well as the Administration wants us to believe the Trayvon Martin killing was the greatest racially inspired murder of modern time. However, what we are conveniently not told is the fact that George Zimmerman is also not Caucasian himself being part Latino. Realistically, what we have here is a simple case of a shooting of a minority by a considered minority. Thus, the acquittal of Zimmerman by far should not be a national issue. A case of a white waitress Read more […]

A Spying Program Designed for Us

If the NSA spying program is so good at catching the bad guys, then why didn’t it know about the Boston bombers and Edward Snowden? The answer is simple: The program was designed to keep track of us. So, most of our “so called” elected officials here in the United States are outraged that Edward Snowden the whistle blower that leaked the news of NSA’s Verizon Telephone spying program on United States citizens will be granted asylum by more than a few countries around the world. What we Read more […]

Nullifying the Constitution: So Who’s in Charge?

Since 9-11 the Federal government has removed more individual freedoms and civil liberties than at any given time since our country was founded. Each of these laws from the Patriot Act, NDAA, and even Obama Care are laws that were imposed by the government on the people without any chance to oppose them. This is also true of the gun debate, where the Federal government continues to try to get gun control implemented, even though most of the American people are against any form of gun control. What Read more […]

More Lies About ‘Greenhouse Gasses’

Recently, scientists at the CO2 monitoring station at Mona Loa Observatory in Hawaii announced that CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere have reached 400 parts per million. Pieter Tans of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that CO2 levels haven’t been this high in 2 million years. On the surface, it seems we should all be concerned with this high level reading rush to do whatever we can to bring the level down, based on their assumption that CO2 is the main greenhouse Read more […]