Bad News via NPR regarding Common Core

I listened to this story on NPR yesterday, and it was pretty depressing. Especially, the part about Common Core. The print portion of the story only gave a thumbnail sketch:

The controversy over the much-maligned Common Core State Standards will diminish. States will continue their efforts to re-brand or rename the standards, while for the most part following them. Despite the political controversy, the push for high academic standards will continue, and we’ll see little of the “race to the bottom” that happened under NCLB.

Even the video is rather short. Here is the actual audio of the interview:

At about 1:12 Common Core is addressed. We are told that the controversy will go away because most states will be “re-branding and quietly adopting the common core.” He claims that a lot of states have simply renamed common core, singling out Indiana for labeling them “Hoosier Standards.”

I thought we had done real damage to Common Core in Indiana!

Have conservatives really lost this issue as completely as NPR reports? I hope not! But find out what is going on in your state and get involved in the fight!