Banksters Demand No Accountability

Two Banksters quit because they don’t want to be subject to justice.

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I think we should propose these same rules in the United States, and see how many shifty financial rats jump off the banking ship. This proves criminals are smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall.

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From the Daily Mail: “Two leading HSBC directors quit in protest at tough new rules that will punish reckless bankers with jail terms.”

Two directors of HSBC’s operations in the UK have quit in protest ahead of tough new rules that could result in jail terms for reckless bankers.

Alan Thomson, who is on the board of the international bank’s UK subsidiary, is planning to leave at the end of this month – and John Trueman, the deputy chairman, is preparing to resign but has not yet formally done so.

The moves come as proposals for rules to make senior bankers more accountable were unveiled by the regulators.

Of course, there’s not a chance of such laws passing here, because the biggest cockroaches in Congress—both Democrats and Republicans, like Tennessee’s own “Bailout Bob” Corker—are there thanks to big campaign donations from the most odious rats infesting our financial system at JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, etc.

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I have advice: Either uphold justice or face a day that is coming when investment bankers like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein are dragged from their limos and mansions and dealt with severely. To be clear, I am not suggesting I would take part in such an act, nor that extremism is justified. I am suggesting a very likely ending, given my reading in history. The oligarchs often get away with their crimes for a long, long time… but then things change, and mobs that don’t share my Biblical ethics end up venting their fury.

This is intended as a friendly warning. I don’t advocate it, but I can foresee it happening.