Barack Obama Discovers He Is Valuable to The Private Sector; Gets Angry About It

Apparently, feeding exclusively on taxes and whatever corrupt deals he makes in office is a matter of honor for President Barack Obama. Recently, we discovered (to the amazement of many of us) that the President can produce value in the free market for corporations. Predictably (and ludicrously) the President attacked those who benefited from his value in the free market.

Here’s the CNN Money’s account: “White House slams Samsung’s Obama-Ortiz selfie.”

Samsung has gone one selfie too far with its viral marketing, earning a rebuke from the White House after it distributed a photo of President Obama and Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz.

The selfie was taken during a visit to the White House this week by the 2013 World Series winners. Ortiz, who has an endorsement deal with Samsung, put the photo on Twitter, and the electronics company re-tweeted the post to its 5.2 million followers.

But turning the event into a promotional exercise for Samsung was apparently not on the White House’s agenda.

“I can say that as a rule, the White House objects to attempts to use the president’s likeness for commercial purposes,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday. “And we certainly object in this case.”

Carney declined to say whether White House lawyers were in contact with Samsung, saying that he would not comment on “counsel’s discussions.”

Maybe they should use a drone. Teach Samsung a lesson they won’t forget.

I guess promoting a mobile phone is beneath the dignity and moral elevation of the Presidency. If only Samsung had used prancing hard-bodied, homosexuals to promote second-rate, over-priced health insurance, the White House would be effusive in its praise of the company. But a phone that is useful and priced to attract consumers? Unworthy!

Perhaps the President hates any stimulus that doesn’t increase taxes or the national debt.

The Boston Globe makes a point that shows the White house being oddly inconsistent:

“It does stand to reason we have objected in the past. We object now,” said Carney, who just two days earlier showed up at the podium proudly wearing his Red Sox cap. “But I’m not going to get into the manner of objection.”

So using the White House press room to promote a baseball team is OK, but not the President’s image of him using a mobile phone?