Barack Obama Has Killed More Innocent Civilians Than All the Gun Owners in Oregon Combined

While he preaches restrictions for gun owners, Barack Obama is fine with people remaining oblivious to missile deaths.

One of the few bright points in listening to live news about the mass shooter at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, were the locals’ repeated statements that a gun-free zone gives a mentally disturbed person a large number of soft targets—people he can shoot at without expecting any personal risk at least until the police arrive. Gun owners are not the problem. Gun owners have the best chance of solving the problem before police arrive.

Having threatened to take away more liberties from gun owners, Barack Obama decided to go visit Roseburg. The media did not predict a warm reception. As Associated Press reported, “In Oregon visit, Obama will find grief but also resentment.”

You think?

When President Barack Obama arrives here Friday, he will find a timber town still in mourning over the shooting that killed eight community college students and a teacher. But he will also find another deeply held emotion — seething anger over his calls for new gun restrictions.

Only a week after a gunman strode into a writing class and opened fire on classmates, many people in the region known as Oregon’s Bible Belt are quick to reaffirm their opposition to stricter gun laws. At least one parent of a shooting survivor says his family will not meet with the president, although his daughter said she hopes to do so. And gun-rights supporters plan to protest during Obama’s visit.

“He’s not wanted here. He’s coming here purely to push his garbage, and we don’t want it,” said Michelle Finn, who is helping to organize the protests planned for intersections near the small airport where Obama’s helicopter is expected to touch down.

Staunchly conservative Douglas County is bristling with gun owners who use their weapons for hunting, target shooting and protecting themselves. A commonly held opinion in this area is that the solution to mass killings is more people carrying guns, not fewer.

You know what else these gun owners have in common? Hands that are not stained by innocent blood. The President, however, does not hesitate to use his blood-stained hands to point the finger at them.

This video from Rare.US tells the stark truth:

Jack Hunter wrote,

I was hesitant to create this video out of respect for the victims of the mass shooting tragedy in Douglas County, Oregon in September.

But if the president is going to politicize that tragedy, and insist that it and other mass shootings should be politicized, I see no reason to hesitate in using his own words to make another vital political point this administration continues to ignore.

President Obama’s basic premise in his response to the Oregon shooting is that these tragedies should be politicized because they are life and death matters that require a significant change in thinking and policy.

The president wants us to confront the deadly reality of these situations.

Fine, lets confront the deadly reality. The deaths were not caused by gun owners in general, but by the person who decided to murder others–the mass shooter. If other people had been armed, they could have stopped him.

nobel prize winner bombs

On the other hand, the hundreds (or more?) innocent people killed by drones and bombings are not the result of an unexpected criminal. They are the results of the actions of our own government, using our resources and invoking our name to justify their continual killings.

As a society, which mass killings are we really responsible for stopping?