Barack Obama Not Finished Impoverishing Americans for Planet

The President is going to impose still more burdens on energy, impoverishing Americans even faster. reports, “Obama to Unveil New Climate Change Plan: Officials.”

President Obama will impose even steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from US power plants than previously expected, senior administration officials said today, in what the president called the most significant step the US has ever taken to fight global warming. A year after proposing unprecedented carbon dioxide limits, Obama was poised to finalize the rule at a White House event tomorrow. In a video posted to Facebook, Obama said the limits were backed up by decades of data showing that without tough action, the world will face more extreme weather and escalating health problems like asthma. “Climate change is not a problem for another generation,” Obama says. “Not anymore.”

First of all, let’s just take a moment to reflect on how the Republic has been long dead and buried. We now have an official office of Dictator who can spike energy prices and give commands to utility companies from Florida to Alaska, from Maine to San Diego, and on the Hawaiian Islands. I’m not going to pretend this is new. The crime against the Constitution was committed long ago. But Barack Obama has done us the favor of letting us know in undeniable ways that we now have a knife to our throats—a blade under the control of a single person.

The claims about extreme weather are all lies, in case you didn’t know.

I suppose we can hope for a Republican President who will stop this madness. That might happen. And, if he stops the assault on the American people, I will be happy.

But that’s not the best hope possible.

The best hope is found later in the story in one sentence: “Many states have threatened not to comply.”

Don’t just threaten. Do it! Refuse and resist.

If enough states insist on making their own rules, and they have cheaper energy costs for consumers, then residents of more Liberal states will begin to resent the burdens they are suffering under.

That’s the future we should hope and pray for.