Does Barack Obama Have NSA Dirt on John Boehner?

NSA Dirt Being Used to Blackmail Republicans Would Explain A lot.

Yesterday I saw this tweet from Drudge with a picture:

drudge nsa dirt

This would explain a lot… And my hunch is that it has application to John Roberts, too. Would men sell out the entire country to protect their personal reputations?

Yes… yes, they would. They’ve done so throughout history, and it’s certainly possible that’s exactly what’s happened in the past few years on so many key decisions. With the abused power of the NSA, anything is now possible.

Hear again those amazing words from Aaron Sorkin: “No one’s private life can totally withstand public scrutiny.”

This is why power should be as decentralized as possible, and those elected should have demonstrated exemplary character in all things. Neither drunk, nor lecher, nor thief, nor any other abuser of people should be allowed to hold reins of power.