Barack Obama Orders Energy Companies, Conservatives to Fall in Line

All energy companies should bow to his immense wisdom about the entire future of the global environment and economy.

Having just suggested that Obama may be deliberately antagonizing conservatives by sounding completely arrogant, let me now hasten to add that there is no doubt that the President is the incarnation of arrogance and self-worship. How else could a man with his track record demand submission from energy companies and conservatives? How could he not realize how stupid he sounds?

Yet here is the headline from The Hill: “Obama to traditional energy producers: Get with the program.”

President Obama challenged energy utilities, fossil fuel producers and their allies in Congress on Monday to get onboard with his push for clean energy or risk backlash from American consumers and companies.

Speaking at a clean energy summit in Las Vegas, Obama dismissed energy interests that oppose his push to green the energy sector as “naysayers” who are “backed by fossil fuel interests, or conservative think tanks or the Koch brothers.”

He encouraged supporters to fight back against them and their push to influence American energy policy.

“They’re trying to undermine competition in the marketplace and choke off consumer choice and threaten an industry that is turning out new jobs at a fast pace,” Obama said. “That has the potential to hurt a lot of communities and set back America’s leadership in fighting climate change.”

What total ignorance. Taxing one profitable industry to prop up an unprofitable industry is not “competition in the market place.” It is the opposite. When you end the practice of taxing profitable industries that meet consumer demand to support industries that can’t make a profit because of lack of sufficient consumer demand, in no way do you “undermine competition in the marketplace.”

Nor do you “choke off consumer choice” when you stop subsidizing an industry for which there is not sufficient consumer demand to sustain it. You started choking off consumer choice the moment you used taxes from consumers to make products that they never wanted to buy.

And what are we to make of the boasting about “new jobs at a fast pace”? Jobs that don’t go to meeting genuine consumer needs are just make-work charity programs. The rationale for “stimulating” such jobs into existence was that the government was better at predicting future human needs than the private sector, so it would temporarily pay for these jobs until suddenly all the consumers woke up and wanted those solar panels. But we now know that is not going to happen (if there was ever any real doubt).

“For decades we’ve been told that it doesn’t make economic sense to switch over to renewable energy,” he said. “Today that’s no longer true.”

If that were no longer true, the President wouldn’t need to demand that subsidies continue. Did the Federal Government need to give Netflix special grants and incentives to get them to start their monthly DVD service? Then did someone in government decide that internet delivery would be better for consumers and use government programs to get Netflix to develop the technology and interface to move to that method of giving consumers video?


In both cases private entrepreneurs took risks with their own money and made it happen.

If we are really going to need solar panels, there is no reason to doubt that they will be invented and marketed to consumers at the right time. Barack Obama has no idea what he is talking about.

But that doesn’t stop him from giving orders to energy companies.