Barack Obama: I Promise to Train You for Jobs and Legalize Foreigners to Take Them from You

If President Barack Obama believed that the economy worked best when workers and employers were free to choose, then I could understand him defending some kind of system that allowed foreigners to get jobs here on work visas. But Obama believes in no such thing. So when he goes through his typical speech about free favors he is going to bestow on various groups, it isn’t too hard to see a conflict.

From the Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama flew to Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon to announce he is spending more money to fund apprenticeship training for Americans so they can win high-wage jobs.

But on Wednesday morning, Obama also called for the House to pass an immigration bill that would boost the inflow of foreign workers into the same jobs sought by Americans.

“He is advocating major new spending for schools and businesses to train Americans for real jobs… but at the same time, he is insisting on passing legislation to immediately and massively increase the number of foreign workers at all skill levels competing for U.S. jobs through lifetime work permits,” said Roy Beck, the executive director of NumbersUSA, an anti-amnesty immigration reform group.

“This push for training appears to be more about giving 2014 voters some sign of interest in jobs,” than in actually helping Americans, Beck added.

Regardless of political strategy, his goals of increased immigration and increased corporate training of workers are contradictory, said Mark Krikorian, the director of the anti-amnesty immigration reform group Center for Immigration Studies.

“Why would business undertake training for Americans if they’re able to just import people who work cheaper instead?” he asked.

I suppose Obama might try to escape this logic by claiming there will be so many jobs that no one will be left unemployed. But can anyone make themselves believe such a thing in this economy?

Obama has several groups of supporters to whom he makes public promises. When these promises are obviously at odds with one another, you would think that one or both groups would get upset at him. Yet the media doesn’t often (or ever!) point out the contradiction. The groups seem to not notice or not care.

When will they wake up?