Barack Obama Thinks U.K. Vote on European Union Membership Is his Business

The upcoming U.K. vote will decide if the nation remains in the E.U. and Obama is giving them advice.

Just like when Scotland was voting on whether to stay in the United Kingdom, Barack Obama cannot resist telling people in another country how they should vote.

Anyone looking at what is going on in Greece right now, and what will soon happen with other countries in the European Union, can easily see why every country that can should flee from the union. Germany can’t do so because their wealth consists of loans to Greece and other countries. (Loans only count as real wealth for the lender if they are going to be paid back.) The United Kingdom, despite all its financial problems, would be far better off if it were not politically and financially entangled with the European debt pyramid.

But there is a bizarre faith—a term I use on purpose because these people show a religious commitment to the idea—that a larger government is the solution to all problems in smaller governments.

This faith is what gave us the E.U. in the first place. If Greece had obvious financial problems, it was believed all of these would be solved by bringing them into the European Union. Instead, Greece’s problems were allowed to grow and spread so that they are causing more damage now than they ever could have. As an independent nation with its own currency, the country would never have been able to amass such a debt as they have today.

But it doesn’t matter to our leaders. No matter what, they think bigger must be better and all nations must join with supranational entities. So Barack Obama is simply preaching his religion to British voters. As the Daily Caller reports, “Obama Slammed By British Conservatives For Interfering In UK Referendum.”

Speaking to the BBC, Obama said “having the UK in the EU gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union, and is part of the cornerstone of the institutions built after World War Two that has made the world safer and more prosperous.”

He went on to say “we want to make sure that the United Kingdom continues to have that influence.” Senior Conservative and former Cabinet minister Owen Paterson shot back, saying Obama was “trotting out the standard State Department consensus.”

Does Barack Obama, or the State Department geniuses whose “wisdom” he is parroting, really think he has more concern for the influence, safety, and prosperity of the United Kingdom than the British public? Daniel Hannan, the scathing conservative member of the European Parliament representing Britain, put the issue well: “I accept that there may be some arguments for Britain staying in the EU. Humouring Barack Obama is not one of them.”

Correct. The British are supposed to have their own reasons for voting about the destiny and the political federations of their own country. Why should they care what Obama thinks? He isn’t part of their government and he has his own loyalties and motives that determine his desires for Britain. By mentioning the “transatlantic union” he is indicating that the real motive for wanting the U.K. in the E.U. is because it makes our own political relationship with the U.K. more valuable, since we can influence the E.U. through the U.K.

The President should not be inserting himself into another nation’s questions of self-determination.