Barack Obama Triumphs over the Keystone Pipeline

The Senate is unable to override Obama’s Keystone Pipeline veto.


I don’t even care that much about the Keystone Pipeline. Now that fracking has pushed down the price of oil, it doesn’t seem as important as it once did. It would be nice to give U.S. citizens some more jobs and add to the goods that the U.S. can export, but it isn’t as important as it once was. I don’t even understand why the President or the Federal government is involved in the decision. As far as I’m concerned it should be up to Canada and the states that are involved.

But as a political symbol I think it is very important. The only reason for holding up the Keystone is because of the Liberal demonology of global warming and associated environmental mythology. So it hurt me to read the story in the New York Times of how the Senate failed to override the President’s veto.

Maybe it is my imagination, but it is hard for me to not hear a tone of gloating:

The Senate vote ensures that the first significant veto of Mr. Obama’s administration will stand — and also that his future vetoes are likely to withstand similar efforts. However, Republicans said they intended to continue to find ways to bring the Keystone bill back to the president’s desk.

However, the potential good news is that Congress could easily bring back the Keystone Pipeline and force Barack Obama to sign the law or else pay dearly for not doing so.

“We will continue working on this important infrastructure project,” said Senator John Hoeven, Republican of North Dakota, a leading sponsor of the Keystone measure. “Another option is to attach this legislation to other energy, infrastructure or appropriations legislation that the president won’t want to veto. The will of the American people and Congress is clear.”

Right… except that would involve the willingness to shut down some part of the government. The Republicans in this Congress, after being handed a historic dominant position by the voters, have absolutely refused to use the power of the purse.

It is sickening to watch these pretend struggles with the President. The Republicans have already decided to give him everything he wants. They won’t actually use their power to stop him.