Barack Obama Wants to Arm Terrorists and Make Congress Complicit

“It’s clear to me that we need to train and equip Syrian rebels and other groups in the Middle East.” –Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

mccain Syrian terrorists

Here’s some context for the quotation from an article in the National Journal, “Vote on Spending Bill Postponed amid Syria Debate.”

House Republicans have postponed a vote that was planned for Thursday on a must-pass spending bill, as they grapple with an eleventh-hour request from the White House to include an authorization to arm and train Syrian rebels.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the postponement Wednesday afternoon after the White House dispatched officials to the Capitol for a classified briefing with bipartisan stakeholders, including members of the leadership and the Appropriations, Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, and Intelligence committees.

That came after President Obama requested the authorization from leaders at a White House meeting Tuesday, and as the administration followed up with a flurry of late-night phone calls to members of leadership and the Appropriations committees asking that they include the authorization in a continuing resolution.

House Republicans are reticent to include the measure in the CR. But GOP leaders are concerned that Democrats will withhold votes for the CR if they do not include the authorization in the measure. Democratic votes will be paramount to pass the bill, since many conservatives object to the Export-Import Bank reauthorization included in it and the fact that the measure extends spending authority into December, not into 2015.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that Congress should give Obama the authority he sought “as soon as possible.”

Yes, yes indeed… just like we trained and equipped Osama Bin Laden years ago. I think there’s something about an anniversary we mark today that powerfully demonstrates how well that worked out.

For the love of sanity, is there anyone in Washington, DC whose brain is not completely fried by filthy campaign donations from those who profit in mass death? When will someone finally stand up and say, “Enough!”?

God have mercy. We are led by fools and knaves.

PS. Remember, even though Republicans are hesitating for the moment, there are powerful war cheerleaders among them.