Barack Obama’s Christian Faith Still Missing in Action in Iraq

Why do questions about Barack Obama’s Christian faith persist? Because his actions and words (or lack of them) give absolutely no impression of allegiance to Christianity, or of identification with the plight of his persecuted brethren.

Here’s the Raw Story headline: “Obama vows to save Yazidis stranded on Iraqi mountain.”

US President Barack Obama vowed Saturday to help rescue thousands of civilians besieged by jihadists on an Iraqi mountain, as an MP warned they would not survive much longer.

He gave no timetable for the first US operation in Iraq since the last American troops withdrew three years ago and put the onus on Iraqi politicians to form an inclusive government and turn the tide on jihadist expansion.

“The United States can’t just look away. That?s not who we are. We’re Americans. We act. We lead. And that’s what we’re going to do on that mountain,” Obama said.

US and Iraqi aircraft have air dropped food and water to the thousands of people, many of them members of the Yazidi minority, who have been stranded on Mount Sinjar since they fled Islamic State attacks on their homes a week ago.

Obama said he had received “strong support” from British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande, who had both agreed to provide humanitarian assistance.

Christians have faced extortion, kidnapping, torture, and slaughter… but never do you hear one word about the need to protect them, or see one action to do so.

I was deeply struck by this line from an article in the UK’s Daily Mail:

In his announcement Thursday night, Obama had identified protecting the Yazidis and defending Americans as the two objectives for the airstrikes.

An explicit statement that we will protect Yazidis, but zero about Christians. I’m not saying saving any persecuted people is wrong, but I’m pointing out the total absence of any apparent concern for his professed family under fire.

There are words in the Bible about those who claim allegiance to the Father through Christ, but whose life tells a different story. They are not pleasant words, and you can be confident God will not fail to act.