Barbara Boxer: Rand Paul Owes Obama Apology for Speaking Out On Syria

California Senator Barbara Boxer appeared on MSNBC and complained about her colleague Rand Paul. Being an Obama apologist, she feels obligated to defend her team captain from attacks.

As you know, Rand Paul is a fierce critic of intervention into Syria, regardless of whether or not Assad is guilty of gassing his own people, the evidence for which I’m sure will be forthcoming from John Kerry. Paul and many others have pointed out the insanity of U.S. foreign policy, especially the part where we support terrorist organizations whose members wreak havoc on innocent civilians, including Christian men, women and children. Hundreds of YouTube videos depict these “rebels” beheading, executing, or literally eating the hearts of those who don’t side with the “rebellion.”

Villages are ransacked, women are raped, people are murdered, families are displaced. All at the hands of those groups that our government has decided to side with so that we can bring Assad down. Because he allegedly attacked a village outside Damascus with chemical weapons. That’s what the Obama administration is pretending to be so outraged about. Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations that we’re supporting can do whatever they want with impunity, but when Assad does it, it’s an outrage that deserves immediate action. Immediate limited action. A surgical strike. Not a war. Just an “unbelievably small” and limited surgical strike. We should trust Kerry and Obama on this.

So Barbara Boxer was offended that Senator Paul would suggest that Obama was aligning himself with Al-Qaeda:

MSNBC Host Martin Bashir:  And then of course, there was your fellow Senator Rand Paul’s response. How would you like to describe his contribution to last night’s proceedings?

Barbara Boxer:  Well, I would just like to say that the clip that you showed us was an absolute disgrace, and he owes the President a huge apology. He’s talking about a President who’s helping Al-Qaeda? The President who went and killed bin Laden? He’s talking about a President as a friend of Al-Qaeda who has been so cautious as others have said armed the rebels over there said, ‘Oh, no, we have to only arm the vetted rebels who are not connected with extremist groups.’ I just – as especially on the eve of 9/11 when he made those statements – it’s beyond the pale to me. Really, truly it is.

MB:  What’s his agenda do you think?

BB:  Well, you’d have to ask him. He’s running for president, and he was in the Senate for five and a half minutes, and that’s what he wants to do now.

Senator for five and a half minutes, huh? Is she talking about Paul or Obama? Obama was a senator for almost that long before becoming president. And that’s OK. But if it’s Paul, then that’s reason to think he’s not qualified to be president.