Battle for the Bible Never Over—Not Even in the Church!

Subtle errors often lead to egregious ones.

Why must we fight the battle for the Bible? Without an anchor—the Spirit-inspired Bible—Christianity drifts on the tides, crashes into reefs, runs aground, capsizes, and sinks. Each time these things happen, people are harmed—both in this life, and the life to come.

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And it seems to be happening now. Consider this post from the Baptist 21 site:

One day during my seminary training, I was sitting in a theology class at a school that just 15 years earlier had been influenced by liberal theology – a school where faculty members questioned biblical inerrancy and the exclusivity of the gospel. Thankfully, the SBC had fought “The Battle for the Bible” starting in 1979 and this school had returned to the faith of its founders. But, my theology prof said something on that particular day that I’ll never forget: “The Battle for the Bible didn’t start in 1979. It began in Eden’s garden, and it won’t end until Jesus returns.”

Wise leaders have told me repeatedly that our generation will have to fight for the Bible, and I’ve been reminded of those prophetic warnings in recent days by two key figures in the evangelical world.

First, Andy Stanley tweeted a link to an article where a young lady who has renounced Christianity talks about how much she misses being a Born-Again Christian. Along with the link, Stanley tweeted, “Why we must teach the next generation the FOUNDATION of our faith is an EVENT not a BOOK.”

Second, Christian singer Gungor is drifting from biblical orthodoxy. He doesn’t believe the early accounts in Genesis are historical, or that there was an Adam or an Eve or a global flood. Ken Ham pointed out that Jesus referenced Adam and Noah as historical people, to which Gungor replied that even if Jesus was wrong about the historicity of Adam and Noah that wouldn’t deny the divinity of Christ.

The “captains” who guide flocks into harm and destruction need to be lovingly and forcefully confronted and, if they refuse to change course, the Church needs to remove them from their posts.

Yes, there are people who err on the other side—who, like the Pharisees before us, treat the Bible as the end, rather than the means to the end (which is God Himself)—but as this essay argues: Without the Bible as our foundation, we might as well be sailing in a storm at night with a blanketing fog.

Why doesn’t the Western world take the Bible seriously anymore? Because too many professing Christians don’t take it seriously either.