Because We Elect Cowards the Government Plunders at Will

None of us care what happens to our neighbors no matter how the government plunders them.

Mark Horne recently wrote about the story of Lyndon McLellan and now the Daily Signal has reported on it: “The IRS Seized $107,000 From This North Carolina Man’s Bank Account. Now, He’s Fighting to Get It Back.”

I honestly don’t care what the FBI and ATF agents call it to calm their debauched consciences. When they take part in actions like this they are nothing more than low-life thieves—armed robbers, guilty of grand theft. They choose to keep their fancy badges and toys, rather than steadfastly refuse to take part in injustice. They’re worse than many of the real criminals they often pursue, because they hide behind the law and their government-issued handguns as they rob people.

“It’s not fair to the American people who work for a living that one day they can knock on the door, walk in their businesses, and say, ‘We just took your money,’” McLellan said. “ … I always thought your money was safe in the bank, but I wouldn’t say that now.”

There is no excuse for this evil to continue. None. Shame!

When will the nation wake up, stand with innocent men like Lyndon McClellan, and tell the Feds to take their big black SUVs and shove them all the way back to DC where the sun doesn’t shine? When will local Sheriffs begin to do their job and tell such agents they are not welcome to terrorize and rob their citizens?

When will Governors and State legislators stand up for the people who elect them?

The answer: When we stop electing beauty pageant contestants who are little more than sociopathic cowards who should never hold positions of leadership; when we care more about the character of the people on the ballot than how they look on TV or the promises they make to give us benefits using other people’s money.

In other words, it’s not going to happen, because we’re more than happy to have “brambles” ruling over us (see Judges 9). As long as the Feds leave us alone, personally, we don’t care what they do to our neighbors. The reason we have no character in our leaders is that we don’t have any ourselves. The root of the problem is not DC, it is Main Street. It is our street. It is our hearts.

The Founders knew if they didn’t hang together they would all hang separately. Governor Pat McCrory, the North Carolina legislature, Sheriff Kenneth Sealey, and the citizens of Robeson County all share in this shame. They’re letting their neighbor hang all by himself.

The saddest part of all is that local law enforcement may be the ones who ordered his hanging, so they could share in the plunder of Mr. McClellan’s money. Citizens in and around Fairmont, NC, should make sure a Freedom of Information Act request is filed to identify the unnamed “North Carolina law enforcement official” who ordered the robbery. His (or hers) is the first head that should roll.