So It Begins: Christian College Loses City Contract; Accreditation Threatened

By putting the government or quasi-government entities in education and virtually every other aspect of society, the groundwork for a top-down anti-Christian regime has been in place for a long time. The Government doesn’t need to officially overturn the First Amendment (though it is trying to do so) to meet many of its goals. It can make it a dead letter.

From the Christianity Today blog: “Gordon College Loses City Contract, Gets Accreditation Scrutiny.”

The college had partnered with the city to manage a historical landmark. This isn’t just about the freedom of religion because nothing in Gordon College’s behavior had offended anyone in the community. What happened is that the college president sent a letter asking President Obama for a religious exemption to be included in his “anticipated executive order” that would bar any organization discriminating against homosexuals from receiving Federal funds. That request is the basis for the city of Salem ending its contract with the college.

So among the several things going on here, we have local governments searching out those in their community who appeal on Federal issues, and punishing them for their deviance from the new regime. When you write a letter to the President of the country, that is a public record. So now we find that there are municipalities  (as well as private companies) who can inflict payback.

Then there is this:

The New England Association of School and Colleges will also review Gordon’s accreditation when it meets in September, according to the Boston Business Journal. Barbara Brittingham, president of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, said Gordon’s case is one they have never seen before, acknowledging the complicated issues surrounding Gordon’s support for religious freedom.

So it is quite likely that, by removing accreditation, this “association” will financially destroy Gordon College.

And, of course, like the cowardly runts who cheer the bullies as they punch the victims in the face, a horde of apostate “Christians” who graduated from Gordon are now pressuring them to change from a Christian to a pagan institution (though one with Jesus as the trademark).

An online petition, started by Gordon alumni and students, asks Lindsay to withdraw his support for allowing institutions to “discriminate against LGBT people in the hiring process.” The petition had garnered more than 3,500 signatures Monday morning.

This is going to get ugly for Christians before it gets better. Already, national Republican writers are pretending that this is merely a libertarian issue so that a Republican Presidential candidate must stay neutral, at least, on homosexual marriage. This will be the “party line”—national candidates will simply ignore how churches, Christian institutions, and Christians are marginalized and economically blockaded, while happily passing laws protecting homosexuals from “discrimination” in order to empower local governments to force businesses to recognize the pretense of same sex “marriage.”

How will this all play out? I wonder if we will see the differences between “red states” and “blue states” increase as Christians find they must “exodus” (!) from Liberal areas with liberal politicians and re-locate to places where they are not in exile.

Just think about it: This is unfolding in the United States of America. Welcome to the cultural revolution.