Ben Carson Ranks Educational Choices–Homeschooling is Number One

In an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference that was broadcast on C-span, Presidential hopeful Ben Carson answered a question about Common Core educational standards in a surprising way.   Carson said,

“The best education is the education you get that is closest to home.”  

His point was that what students learn at home is the key to them learning well in any program, and he ranked education choices with homeschooling as number one.  He ranked private schools as number two, charter schools as number 3, and public schools as number four.

From these remarks, Carson moved on to say that school choice is needed and that “common core is not school choice.”  He continued,

“I do believe in standards, but obviously, those standards are set by the people who do home schooling and private school or obviously they wouldn’t be doing so well.  Our public schools need to learn to compete with that, but they don’t need some central government coming in to tell them how to do it.”  

Ben Carson has thrown down the gauntlet to the public schools to match the standard of learning that homeschooling offers.  Public educators who have been certified by the states they teach in are all offering up a collective groan at the though that home schoolers set the standard in education.  The idea that some mom who may not have even attended college could produce a student who will outperform his public school contemporaries is just ridiculous to the educators who have the government stamp of approval on their heads.

Yet homeschooled students typically do better on standardized tests than public school counterparts.  They also have better GPAs.

The education machine that is in place in the US hates homeschoolers because their success makes the education professionals look bad.  If just any parent on the street can teach their kids at home, then there is no need for the education machine.  The homeschoolers are a threat to the system that is hard to take.

Ben Carson is highlighting that a home education is the best education available.  He is calling for school choice so parents have options.  If he gets his way, the education establishment will not survive.  But that is ok, because there are over 2 million home schooled students out there who will be graduating and entering the work force, and they are smart enough to solve the education problems in our country.