Benghazi, IRS, DOJ: Squirm, Barry, Squirm

In light of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s indications that President Obama is completely aloof about everything that goes on in his government (“He doesn’t know anything about Benghazi,” “He knew nothing about collecting the phone records of AP journalists,” “He knew nothing about the IRS intimidating conservative and Catholic groups”), I feel it’s time to ask Obama voters, Where’s your god now?

Either Obama is a man whose competence and benevolence rival only that of Abraham Lincoln, or he’s a bumbling, out-of-touch screw-up with no control over his own administration, the goings-on of which he is completely ignorant.

The realization that it must be one or the other might be what is driving some Democrats to actually begin criticizing these scandals, as opposed to their usual habit of criticizing the whistleblowers of the scandals; they would rather Obama be looked upon as ineffectual than a Nixonian crook. “Obama didn’t know anything about anything, but he does need to fire some people” seems to be the general consensus among Democrats.

There’s a large part of me that hopes we don’t get to the bottom of these three scandals anytime soon, however; I get so much entertainment from watching the different members of this administration squirm and flounder uncomfortably now that some in the media have begun doing their primary function of asking questions.

The denials, deliciously pathetic, reveal an arrogance the level of which we haven’t yet witnessed in Obama, which is saying something. Of course, the press is to blame for Obama’s over-confidence in his ability to get away with corruption, but now that one of their own has been the target of spying by the Justice Department—Obama’s Justice Department—some journalists are dusting off their journalism degrees and finally putting them to use, the temerity of which resulted in White House Press Secretary Jay Carney repeating ad nauseum, in an effort to sound convincing, the uncomfortably disingenuous statement that Obama is a “firm believer in the need for the press to be unfettered.”

But of course Obama knew about the IRS and the Justice Department; what transpired there was classic Chicago politics. Obama is from Chicago; he knows how to play politics, as he has proudly stated in the past. And it was Obama, Commander in Chief, who (fine, “allegedly”) told American troops stationed just outside Benghazi to stand down and not to try to help the four diplomats being tortured and killed by Islamic savages, a non-story in Obama’s eyes (“There’s no ‘there’ there,” he said).

The head of the IRS may have been appointed by President George W. Bush, but, like Bush, he is obviously no conservative. The IRS has already admitted that they did exactly what they are being accused of having done, but Obama still felt confident to deny this reality, calling it outrageous only “if” it were true. (If it’s true that the IRS engaged in the criminal activity they already admitted they engaged in….)

If Obama is comfortable living in that reality, can we please let him live there just a little while longer, if only for the enjoyment of seeing him twist and turn? It lends legitimacy to mascot of the Democratic Party.