Better to End Civil Marriage than Pervert It?

An Oklahoma legislator isn’t exactly proposing to end civil marriage, but he wants the state to stop issuing marriage licenses.

The problem with homosexual marriage isn’t simply the question of the morality of homosexual couples, but that people who know homosexual marriage is an oxymoron—like a square triangle or dry water—are required to lie and affirm that such a self-contradiction exists.

This means that county clerks who sign marriage licenses are being told to lie as a condition of their job.

Since a judge in Oklahoma has imposed this lying regime on the state, a Christian legislator is trying to protect the consciences of officials. According to The Oklahoman: “Oklahoma bill would put an end to marriage licenses.”

Marriage licenses would become a thing of the past in Oklahoma under a bill filed by state Rep. Todd Russ.

todd russ

The Cordell Republican says he wants to protect court clerks from having to issue licenses to same-sex couples. He doesn’t want these workers put in the position of having to condone or facilitate same-sex marriage.

Under his plan, a religious official would sign a couple’s marriage certificate, which would then be filed with the clerk. Marriages would no longer be performed by judges. If a couple did not have a religious official to preside over their wedding, they could file an affidavit of common law marriage.

Marriages are not supposed to be a government thing anyway,” he said Wednesday.

Russ, a credentialed Assemblies of God minister, is upset with rulings that have supported same-sex marriage.

“There’s a lot of constituents and people across the state who are not through pushing back on the federal government for the slam down they’ve given us with Supreme Court rulings,” he said.

Same-sex marriage became legal in Oklahoma in October. That’s when the high court declined to review a federal court decision striking down a voter-approved ban on the practice.

Since I am a Christian, and not a Libertarian, I am not sure I can agree that “Marriages are not supposed to be a government thing.” The institution certainly pre-dates government, but governments have always recognized marriage until this recent insanity claiming that there is such a thing as “same-sex marriage.”

But if the government is going to turn from protecting marriage to deliberately distorting it, then maybe divorcing marriage from government is a preferable option. We have already seen Christians leaders take steps in this direction.

What is funny about all this is that marriage was really abolished the moment states passed no-fault divorce laws. If the marriage contract is not legally binding then no one has a right to be married. If you can’t enter into a marriage contract that is enforceable, then you don’t have the right to stay married.

So the government is already “out of marriage” because it has already abolished marriage. We’re just finally realizing it now.