Better Mars Than Obama’s America

Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids; in fact, it’s cold as hell, according to the song.

But that hasn’t stopped people from wanting to go there because, let’s face it, Earth just isn’t that much fun anymore.

Over 100,000 people from around the globe have applied to be part of the first one-way expedition to Mars in 2022. The Mars One trip aims to put four permanent settlers on the Red Planet, to be followed about a year later by another group of settlers.

Although the applicants are from around the globe, many of them are Americans.

And at the rate that Americans are surrendering their citizenship, there’s a pretty good chance some of them are looking at Mars just to get away from the Obama Administration.

In the second quarter, there was a 500 percent increase from the year before in Americans abandoning their citizenship at consulates overseas because the Obama Administration has stepped up efforts to tax the hell out of anybody with money.

Tighter disclosure rules for foreign banks have led many American expatriates to reconsider whether U.S. citizenship is worth the cost.

The only nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that taxes citizens wherever they reside, the U.S. has a burr in its bottom about trying to find every overseas account it can and squeeze it till it bleeds no more. Foreign banks have until July next year to comply and rat out their U.S. customers.

Some may call people with overseas accounts tax cheats, but remember no matter what laws Congress passes to excuse the IRS’s behavior, taxes are your money that the government takes from you under threat of force.

The values that used to make America great have been eroding for decades, and particularly in the past five years of an Administration that aims to turn our country into a socialist wasteland.

If a lot of people with the resources to live elsewhere decide they’re sick of the money grubbing and think they can make it elsewhere, I really can’t say I blame them.

Mars, at least, is cheap. You’ll have to compete against hundreds of other people for your spot, but it’ll only cost you about $38 for the application.

True you won’t have all the comforts of home. Air, for one thing, will be an immediate problem, as will be finding a wi-fi connection so you can get your Netflix.

But the appeal of being someplace where even the IRS can’t get you is undeniable.