Beware of Liberals Calling for ‘Tolerance’

Liberals have never been a tolerant bunch. They support the killing of pre-born babies. They want laws passed forcing companies to hire people who engage in immoral sexual practices. This is all done in the name of “tolerance,” but it’s nothing of the sort.

Taking money from people for public education is not being tolerant to the people who don’t have children going to a government school and are paying for a private school education. It’s double taxation without representation.

Don’t ever cross a “tolerant” liberal by leaving the liberal plantation — especially if you’re Black!.

The call for “tolerance” is most often used as a wedge to get people with fixed principles to open the door to be “part of the conversation,” to dialog on “what we can agree on.” The ultimate objective, however, is once inside to shut the door to any opposing position. This has happened over and over again in American history.

Here’s an example of how it’s attempted. Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, in a convocation address to about 9,000 students at Liberty University, told the crowd, I can “believe what I believe without calling you a homophobic bigot, and you can do the same without calling me an uncaring baby-killer.” Rabbi Yoffie is the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, a politically liberal religious group that represents about 1.5 million Jews.

The Rabbi was appealing to “tolerance” while he was pushing an agenda that one day would deny a school like Liberty from existing. While conservatives give in to the tolerance mantra, those appealing to us to be

Yoffie listed several issues where evangelicals and Jews could agree, “including support for Israel, a commitment to democratic principles, and concern over the perceived sexual licentiousness and materialism of American culture. He proposed that Christians and Jews work together to help push for a uniform rating system for television and to fight poverty at home and abroad.” ((Jennifer Siegel, Rabbi Enters Falwell’s Bastion And Issues Plea for Tolerance,” Forward (April 28, 2006).))

If Rabbi Yoffie does not want to be called a “baby killer” (language that’s rarely used), then he should stop supporting abortion. Can you imagine the same scene if a Nazi had been invited to speak at a Jewish assembly? “I can believe what I believe, and you can do the same without calling me an uncaring Jew-hater.”

But a Nazi is a Jew-hater! On such areas of disagreement, the Rodney King ethic (“Can’t we all just get along?”) does not apply. There are some things that are wrong no matter how often someone calls for toleration in the name of good will and open dialog. We should be thankful that Dr. Falwell did not fall for it. If he had, we would have seen Liberty go the way of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

How were Christian institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton lost to the humanists? There was no crossing of swords or firing of weapons. The presidents of these institutions were not kidnapped and held for ransom if Christianity was not expunged from the curriculum. The take over came by way of a generous spirit of acceptance of less orthodox views in the name of tolerance by the institutional heirs.

The history of Harvard’s slide into theological liberalism and moral libertinism was gradual and methodological. Those holding the minority and opposing worldview were willing to bide their time as conservatives set the stage for their own self-destruction. Conservatives believed that “playing nice” and inviting the opposition to the party in terms of “dialog,” “civil discourse,” tolerance, and pluralism would lead to acceptance and good will from the opposition. Don’t believe it; don’t ever believe it!